Keynote Speakers

  • Andrew Horabin

    Andrew Horabin

    Andrew Horabin is a professional speaker, facilitator, author, comedian and award-winning singer/songwriter. 

    Over 22 years, he has worked with big and small business, Government departments, local councils, professional associations and NGO’s across Australia and overseas – with groups and audiences totalling hundreds of thousands of people.

    He has trained state, federal and international police, including undercover officers, surveillance operatives, informant handlers, intel analysts and senior managers of serious crime – working with police from 40 countries.

    Andrew is the author of three books including BULLSHIFT: How to get more honesty and straight talk at work.

    Clients who’ve engaged keynotes or workshops on BULLSHIFT have included: ASIO, HBF, Metcash, Bankwest, Woodside, BHP Billiton, Department of Finance and Deregulation, Australian Federal Police, Australian Tax Office, Horizon Power, Corruption and Crime Commission, VICPOL, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, Australian Commercial Lawyers Association, Australian Institute of Company Directors, KPMG, Water Corporation, Apache Energy and the councils of Franklin, Bendigo, Stirling, Gosnells and Roebourne.

    Andrew has won state and national song writing awards and wrote, directed and produced a sold-out musical called WHAT A MAN’S GOTTA DO. He has played two seasons of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and in 2012 took his one-man show on a national tour of 45 towns in five states.

    He has worked with five of Australia’s state orchestras and with 60,000 students, parents and staff in 110 schools.

    Andrew began his business at age 18 with no qualifications, experience, equipment or capital. He is now 41 years old and travels around Australia and overseas from his base in Fremantle.

    BULLSHIfT | How to get more honesty and straight talk at work
    How much more effective could we be if our team members, colleagues and managers were all able to be open and honest and talk straight to each other? Imagine if we could give and receive feedback? Imagine the increased energy and the saving of time and money.
    This hilarious, interactive session explains the practical things we can do to shift the bull. As a result, the participants may get the following outcomes:

    1. Inspiration to be more professional, mature and robust.
    2. Insight into why we struggle to be open and talk straight.
    3. Practical things we can do to be more open and honest ourselves.
    4. Practical things we can do to encourage others to be more open with us.

    When teams practice the principles of BULLSHIFT, they report: more efficient meetings, quicker negotiations, more honest and useful performance appraisals, greater enthusiasm, better ability to accurately analyse and solve problems and better relationships.

    Andrew’s book BULLSHIFT contains fourteen principles. He usually addresses seven in the presentation. The first is the most important and forms the basis for the rest of the work. It is: Don’t be defensive / Be curious

    Andrew uses his skills as a stand-up comic and expert facilitator to gently draw people’s attention to the many and varied defensive reactions that typically flare up whenever we receive critical feedback or hear things we don’t like. He then explains what is really going on beneath the surface – how the ego is protecting itself – and how to replace that defensiveness with curiosity. He calls on all to replace defensiveness with professional curiosity; to make it easier to have more robust, open, clear, professional, mature and critical conversations.

    The other principles include:

    • Don’t make excuses / Say what happened and take responsibility
    • Don’t have an opinion if you don’t need one / Stay open
    • Don’t express opinion as fact / Express opinion as opinion
    • Don’t get too emotionally invested / Detach and reflect
    • Don’t mutter / Speak up

    Participants laugh and gasp as they see themselves and their workmates. They also see the folly of wasted energy and feel inspired to commit to more open, honest, professional dialogue.

  • Brendan Hewitt - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Brendan Hewitt

    Brendan Hewitt

    Brendan Hewitt is the Executive Director Infrastructure, Finance and Corporate Services, SA Health and has held various corporate and operational executive roles with SA Health over the past 14 years. In his current role Brendan has responsibility for the delivery of SA Health’s capital works program, capital planning, property and security and biomedical engineering.

    Brendan has played a key leadership role in delivery the state’s $3 billion health investment over the past decade, including multiple hospital redevelopments and delivering an energy efficiency program realising a 27% improvement.

    Brendan also led the formation of a consolidated SA Biomedical Engineering service; development of an innovative 120 bed aged care and rehabilitation facility with a Non-Government Organisation. Conducted the sale of the Repatriation General Hospital; and was the executive lead for the Government initiative of selecting an education partner for the SA Dental Service.

    Brendan has extensive experience as a project director; in policy development; organisational and clinical service change; strategic planning; various construction contracting methods; and is a leader in collaborative contracting.

    Outside of work Brendan has a rich family life and enjoys cycling and running. Brendan is past president of the Blackwood Community Recreation Association and is a current coach with the Flinders Athletics Club.

  • Graeme Cowan

    Graeme Cowan

    Graeme Cowan

    Graeme Cowan is one of Australia’s leading speakers and authors in the area of mental health at work and is a frequently sought-out expert opinion on the causes of workplace stress & stress management in the workplace, mental health awareness & managing change in the workplace.

    Graeme is obsessed with helping to create robust cultures that thrive. Best known for his award-winning BACK FROM THE BRINK book series and the report Best Practice in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace, he is also the creator of R U OK? Day, the national suicide prevention campaign, and the Director of R U OK? at Work.

    Having spent most of his life as a senior executive for organisations like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Morgan & Banks and AT Kearney, Graeme Cowan’s life hit a seemingly insurmountable roadblock in 2000, when he was diagnosed with severe depression.

    Five years and numerous hard setbacks and decisions later, Graeme emerged not only with the bestselling book BACK FROM THE BRINK to his name, but also with a new attitude towards the traditional ways that companies and individuals approach adversity. 

    His second book won a national mental health award, and he is also the author of the report “Best Practice in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace” which shows the quantitative benefits of building corporate resilience. His knowledge is based on interviewing over 3000 people to understand their bounce factor, combined with exhaustive evidence based research. This confluence of practice and theory has changed the paradigm on how to turn adversity into an inspired and meaningful life.

    Tens of thousands of people from around the world have benefited from this knowledge through seeing him in person, in the media, reading his books, or via webinars. He has presented to diverse groups ranging from the leadership team of multinational organisations to people immobilised by the dual diagnosis of cancer and depression.

    Graeme comes across as the “ordinary guy”, with deep authenticity and fascinating stories from his travels to 48 countries. Despite experiencing many diverse cultures he observes more “oneness” than “difference” in people. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, "it is not how many times you fall that counts, but how high you bounce, that ultimately determines your performance and fulfilment".

    Graeme’s strong business background in marketing, change management programs & recruitment, coupled with his deep understanding of stress management in the workplace, make him uniquely qualified for assisting organisations to:

    • Build supportive cultures that thrive under pressure
    • Challenge the status quo
    • Create a culture of continuous learning
    • Stay ahead of industry developments
    • Coach and mentor senior executives on fast strategy execution 


  • Andrew Gay

    Andrew Gay

    Andrew has been working within or for the Health Sector for the past 30 years and has 
    delivered high quality outcomes for both the private and public sectors through innovative CSSD capacity studies and department design, Engineering services design, equipment specification and process validation.

    Andrew represents the Institute of Hospital Engineering on Standards Development Committees at a national level for the Australian Standards of:  HE023 (Processing of Medical and Surgical Instruments), and he currently represents the NSO as a member of three working groups of the ISO Technical Committee 198.

  • Andrew Vickers

    Andrew Vickers

    Andrew Vickers holds applied science degrees in environmental health and occupational hygiene. He has worked as an environmental health officer in the Health Protection Programs team at SA Health since 2008. Among other things, Andrew is involved in the administration of the “South Australian Public Health Legionella Regulations” and was a member of the project team tasked with the development of the national enHealth “Guidelines for Legionella Control in the Operation and Maintenance of Water Distribution Systems in Health and Aged Care Facilities".

  • Brian Holecek

    Brian Holecek

    Brian is currently the Principal Officer Emergency Management and Business Continuity for Central Adelaide Local Health Network in Adelaide. Brian been is a member of Business Continuity Institute (BCI)  since 2010, International Association of Emergency Manager (IAEM) were he achieved accreditation as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) in 2015.  Brian is also and a member and the Event Coordinator for Australian Institute of Emergency Services SA Division.  Brian started his interest in Business Continuity in his role as State Operations Planning Officer-Combatant Services, SA Country Fire Service, (CFS) where he facilitated the CFS State Coordination Centre Business Continuity Plan in 2008. 

  • Cara Ryan

    Cara Ryan

    Cara Ryan is Offer Manager – Building Performance Centre, for the EcoBuildings Division of Schneider Electric.  With 15 years experience in the building efficiency industry Cara has led the development of service delivery utilising digital and analytics technology to help customers visualise, analyse and optimise their building performance.  

    Prior to her work with Schneider Electric, Cara has worked in facilities management and project management; in retail, healthcare, commercial buildings and public infrastructure.  Cara holds an Honours degree in Engineering from Monash University and was a finalist for the Women in Industry Excellence in Engineering Award in 2015.

  • Carl Agar

    Carl Agar

    Carl is a senior consultant with A.G. Coombs Advisory with over 35 years industry experience and responsible for the provision of advice to clients on a range of facilities management related issues including asset management, commissioning, building tuning and service management and the adoption of leading edge technologies to optimise buildings operation and maintenance.

    His experience also encompasses the asset management field with over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry implementing service and asset management systems for a diverse range of clients including QANTAS, Telstra and Macquarie Bank.

    Since 2008 Carl has been a leading advocate of Building Information Modelling in Australia being instrumental on the early application of BIM on landmark projects and a founding member BIM initiatives by AIRAH, AIA and NATSPEC. 

  • Carol Behne

    Carol Behne

    Carol Behne works for the Climate and Health Alliance as the project officer for the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network in the Pacific Region. She has a background in speech pathology and environmental management. She has carried out an energy efficiency research study involving building retrofits and behaviour change programs, and facilitates sustainability focused community workshops. As the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals project officer she supports and facilitates health institutions on their sustainability journey.

  • Colin Nicol

    Colin Nicol

    Colin is one of the founding directors of Do Diligence and has worked in the Environment, Health and Safety field for over 10 years. Colin has developed a keen interest in compliance working as a consultant on world class projects both in the UK, South Africa and Australia. Colin is a firm believer that we should work smarter, not necessarily harder and that there are many creative ways to achieve this. 

  • Erica Donner

    Erica Donner

    Erica is Associate Research Professor at the University of South Australia.

    She works primarily in the field of environmental biogeochemistry, with a major emphasis on soil and water/wastewater chemistry.

    Her expertise includes metagenomics, which is the study of genetic material (through DNA sequencing) recovered directly from environmental samples.


  • James DiLiberto

    James DiLiberto
    • Director of Engineering for the AZZO group of engineering firms, based in the VIC/TAS office in Melbourne 
    • He leads a team of engineers who collectively are top Critical Power Master EcoXpert firm in the world, who co-develop Schneider Electric’s Energy Management software and hardware solutions 
    • As an Electrical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager, he has been building integrated energy management and control solutions for almost 10 years 
    • James and his firm were the energy management system integrators on all three facilities we are touring at this conference, SAHMRI, nRAH, and right here at Adelaide Oval and along with Lyell McEwin and Berri Hospitals, and Bethsalem Care, Uniting Care, and Mary McKillop aged care facilities. They are also currently in the middle of implementing Adelaide Uni Medical and Nursing School.
    • His extensive knowledge of power monitoring and control in healthcare facilities has placed him in a great position to share technology strategies with us all today


  • Mark Cannadine

    Mark Cannadine

    Mark has over 20 years’ experience in coordination of disasters and mass gatherings in both the Policing and Health sectors, including deployments to Thailand during the UK Government response to the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2005 and as an advisor to the Fijian Ministry of Health following Cyclone Winston in 2016. Mark has provided Emergency Management and Business Continuity advice to Health Services across Australia, has consulted on security risk assessments and audits and has been a guest lecturer at the WHO Mass Gathering Training Program for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hajj organising committee.   

  • Mark Hooper

    Mark Hooper

    Executive Project Manager at Echuca Regional Health since May 2004, Mark has over 20 years’ experience in engineering and infrastructure management.  

    Mark has provided guidance and leadership to the board and executive over the last 11 years and has overseen the Hospital capital redevelopment requirements from Master Planning through to construction.   

    Marks role has involved engagement with the Department of Health and Human Services and external consultants as well as the local community and staff and patients at ERH.

    Since 2004 the campus has overseen 80% redevelopment including Aged Care, Operating Theatres and most recently the $66M redevelopment completed in 2015.

    Mark is passionate about sustainability and enjoys challenging conventional wisdom.  He is particularly proud that  Echuca Regional Health is home to two of the world’s largest solar chiller systems installed at a hospital.  Both systems were commissioned by the Hospital engineering team.


  • Mark McCaughan

    Mark McCaughan

    Mark is a fitter and turner by trade.  He has worked at Mercy Hospital in Dunedin for over 20 years.  In that time the hospital has grown from a two-theatre 1960s hospital into an eight-theatre modern facility.

  • Matthew Weir

    Matthew Weir

    Prior to his current role as a Senior Environmental Consultant, Matthew has been working in various industry sectors. Initially starting his career within the facility management field for local municipalities before joining the asset management team at a Multi-National Engineering firm in Perth.  He pursued interests in the implementation of Computerised Asset Maintenance Management Systems within the healthcare, oil and gas, mining, and transportation sectors as a systems administrator and consultant.  

    Throughout the past 10 years at QED Environmental Services, Matthew has been involved in the delivery of monitoring programmes within the built environment.  He is an accredited assessor with the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) for Energy, Water, IEQ & Waste and has also been a member of AIRAH Technical Working Groups to develop Best Practice Guidelines.  At QED he has been instrumental in the implementation of Indoor Air Quality Risk Management Programmes to National clients as well as the implementation of AS1668 & AS3666 Conformance Programmes within major Western Australian hospitals. 


  • Neil Thompson

    Neil Thompson

    Neil is an economic sustainability specialist with expertise in the design of “future proofed” facilities with reduced first capital cost and reduced/fixed operating costs via integrated, closed-loop systems design methods adopted from previous career experience in the aerospace and automotive industries. He is a PhD at the Queensland University of Technology with a research and commercialisation specialisation in the integration of building and transport power systems. His career started in the Australian power generation industry in the early 1980’s as an electrical engineering cadet moving to radiation processing systems in the early 1990’s for aerospace and automotive components in Japan, the USA, Europe and Latin America followed by Asia Pacific responsibility for a renewable energy systems OEM in early 2000. In 2003 he established a private energy company which was then sold to a leading public list property development and management company in 2007 enabling a move to consulting engineering throughout Australia and Asia with companies such as Ashburner Francis together with ongoing research into field proven methods that simultaneously reduce capital and operating costs whilst lowering risk and environmental impacts.  

  • Nicholas Burt

    Nicholas Burt

    Chief Executive Officer of the Facility Management Association of Australia since May 2011, Nicholas has over 20 years’ leadership experience including appointments at the senior executive level within the community services and facility management sectors for both NGOs and local government, most recently as Chief Executive Officer of Youth Projects Ltd. 

    In his roles he has covered the entire spectrum of policy development and planning, program implementation and management. His strong professional commitment to improving process has positioned him well to deliver high quality services to stakeholders in the facilities management sector and drive industry development.


  • Nick Stokoe

    Nick Stokoe

    Nick is a sustainable design professional with over 10 years of industry experience based in Adelaide. Specialising in optimising building performance, Nick is an Auditor, Trainer and Supervisor of the NABERS scheme and a member of the Independent Design Review Panel for NABERS Commitment Agreements. He is also a Green Star Accredited Professional. In his current role, Nick is the Energy and ESD manager for the Spotless Facilities Management team at the New Royal Adelaide Hospital.

  • Peter Cooper

    Peter Cooper

    Peter Cooper has been active in the Hospital Engineering industry for the past 25 years.

    Peter has worked in both Public & Private Hospital settings as well as a term of 4 years where he held to position of Service Manager for a large Mechanical Services organisation.

    Currently Peter holds the position of Director: Engineering & Support Services at Adelaide’s St Andrew’s Hospital.

    In this role Peter is responsible for leading & managing the following -:

    • Engineering & Maintenance Department
    • Project Management
    • Biomedical Engineering Department
    • Dietary Services Department
    • Cleaning Services (Contracted Service)
    • Waste Management Services Department
  • Ross Jones

    Ross Jones

    Ross has 25 years of industry experience within the plumbing and hydraulics sector. 

    As Hindmarsh Water Treatment Manager Ross currently oversees all staff within the National Water Treatment team

    His experience includes maintenance, small contracts, construction plumbing, design, risk management and water treatment practices for the control of Legionella and harmful pathogens within potable water systems.

    Ross’ experience has given him extensive exposure to the following industries: aged care, corporate, education, retail, manufacturing, defence, correctional, specialist companies, health & hospitals.

    In addition to being a qualified plumber Ross has a Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Management and a Certificate 4 in Frontline Management.

  • Ryan Milne

    Ryan Milne

    Ryan Milne is the Director and Principal Consultant of Ecosafe International and Do Diligence. Ryan has a Master’s degree in science and extensive local and international experience within the Water Risk Management sector. Ryan is an accredited Lead Drinking Water Auditor and Legionella Specialist with a focus on practical risk management and the associated demonstration of compliance. 

  • Sarah Bailey

    Sarah Bailey

    Sarah Bailey has a Masters in Medical Microbiology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Mycology, and has also completed studies in infection control in the hospital environment. She is originally from the UK where she worked in diagnostic microbiology for many years, and she was the Legionella Control Officer for a private hospital. Sarah also been a part of several Infection Prevention and Control teams within the hospitals she has worked in. With her move to QED Environmental Services, she now applies that microbiological knowledge to their work in indoor air quality in hospitals, with cooling towers and with our other various investigations such as mould and other health issues within buildings.

  • Scott Williams

    Scott Williams

    Scott is the Chief Executive Officer at the North Eastern Community Hospital Inc. since January 2014, following 20 years within public health systems both here in Australia and the United Kingdom. He has worked in a variety of senior executive roles within the public health system at executive level including the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

  • Stephen Walker

    Stephen Walker

    Stephen Walker has been the Chief Executive Officer of St Andrew’s Hospital in Adelaide for the past 15 years. During this time St Andrew’s has undergone a significant expansion of clinical services and building redevelopment. St Andrew’s is now the largest stand alone independent private hospital in Australia. Stephen has held a number of senior health management roles in both the public and private sector in Australia and New Zealand. He is currently on the Board of the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS) and ACHS (International) and was a previous Board member of the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA).

    Stephen will be providing an overview of St Andrew’s Hospital and why they have embarked on a major redevelopment.

  • Susie Pearn

    Susie Pearn
    Client Director - Health and Education, Aurecon

    Susie has more than 20 years’ health infrastructure experience. She has held lead management roles in the planning and delivery of numerous health projects, including projects over a billion USD dollars in value. She also has an advisory skillset and an asset management background, so she brings a diverse perspective. Susie is passionate about helping health leaders create a more sustainable health system. She has a particular interest in the convergence of health services, infrastructure and technology and how this can help shift to a new health paradigm that is far more efficient, integrated and preventative, with better outcomes.

  • Tony Amorico

    Tony Amorico

    Tony is Ecas4-Australia's Director: he partnered with Ecas4-Italy with the aim to bring the technology in Australia.

    At present, Ecas4 activity is mainly focussed on the optimization of conditions to maximise the outcomes from Ecas4 application in the health and food sectors.


  • Tony Edmunds

    Tony Edmunds

    Tony joined System Solutions Engineering with 42 years industry experience and industry training including 19 years of experience as a contractor in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Industry specialising in all types of design and construction work. Tony offers practical and cost effective solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. He is actively involved across most industry sectors but specialises in the refurbishment of older or aging facilities using the latest technology and engineering know-how to improve the performance of plant and achieve improved building energy efficiency.