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OandMs has been used by SA Health over the last 2 years on its major hospital capital works program to ensure the capture and delivery of their project operation and maintenance manuals, crucial to the on-going facility management of hospitals and aged care facilities.

For far too long now Facility Managers and Property Owners have been chasing Architects, Engineers, and Construction (AEC) companies for the vital information in O&Ms to manage their compliance needs with in a medical facility.

Typically, contractors rarely complete their O&Ms responsibilities to the satisfaction of the incoming Facility Manager and tend to walk away from the project post practical completion, leaving FM’s in the lurch.  In fact, it’s very difficult for FM’s and property owners to even prove that all the O&Ms on a hospital have been provided.

Until now…

We started OandMs to change the game for Architects, Engineers and Construction groups, by improving the way Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&Ms) are delivered.  Our simple cloud-based facility management software connects people with the right building data anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We’re proud to be helping transform 100’s of AEC Groups in the way they do business, ensuring data integrity for Property Owners and their Facility Managers.

Founded in 2013 in Australia, OandMs is one of fastest growing companies due to our passion and people’s trust in what we deliver. OandMs has implemented the simplest system and process designed by tradesman, developed by project managers, and proven by facility managers.  With the strength from one of the biggest software and data storage partners in the world, and growth of over 1000% we are able to manage any size organisation, building project or facility.

Your building lifecycle doesn't end with practical completion; in fact, it’s just beginning. 

OandMs takes your “As-Built” information and creates a 20-year facility management service plan, which makes managing your property so easy.

As facility managers ourselves, the OandMs system provides the property owner’s FM with the building blocks to develop a comprehensive plan to manage the mandatory service requirements of the building for the next twenty years.

Best of all, we use the data captured during the O&Ms phase as the basis for the service plan. No duplication of effort is required.

The OandMs system and process is a simple new methodology in gathering, managing, delivering and using as-built construction data to bridge the gaps between O&Ms and facility management ensuring the compliant operation of a facility. Delivered in simple electronic dashboards, facility managers can commence their management in an effective and efficient manner – from day one!

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