Jane Clemensen

Associate Professor and Head of Clinic Research at Centre of Innovative Medical Technologies

Jane is an associated professor and head of clinical research at Centre of Innovative Medical Technologies (CIMT) and has more than 13 years' experience with telemedicine research and Participatory Design. She is currently associated with 6 PhD students of whom she is the main supervisor for five. 

Jane’s research projects all have a starting point in the clinical practice, and involvement of all stakeholders including patients and relatives. They all revolve around the research design called Participatory Design (PD). Projects that use PD start by identifying and analyzing the clinical problem or challenge and from that develop a solution or technology. This is in contrast to many projects that start by identifying a technology and wanting to find a clinical environment to test it in. PD is a well-known design, especially within computer science, and has also proven to be an appropriate research design within health technology. Jane applied this design for the first time in a health science context in 2003 in her own PhD project and she is a pioneer both in the field of Health Technology and Participatory Design in Health Sciences.  


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