Centre for Online Health


The Centre for Online Health (COH) is a part of the School of Medicine within the Faculty of Health Sciences at The University of Queensland.

Since 1999, the COH has been recognised internationally for its role in research, service delivery and education and training in the fields of telemedicine, telehealth and e-Healthcare. The COH's multidisciplinary team of clinicians, academic researchers, educators, technicians, engineers and administrators brings together a broad mix of skills.

The centre's keys areas of activity are:

  • Clinically focussed research with an emphasis on examining the feasiblity, efficacy, clinical effectiveness and economics of telehealth and telemedicine in a variety of settings
  • Academic and vocational education and training in e-Healthcare and clinical telehealth
  • As a service provider of clinical telemedicine services

These three synergistic activities provide a unique environment in which telemedicine within the modern health service may be explored and understood.


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