Untethered 2016  will be a different conference to previous events provided by the Slide2Learn Team.  This event will involve the usual blend of keynotes and smaller sized workshops, PLUS attendees will:

  • choose an Australian Curriculum focused learning pathway that involves content creation experiences; 
  • attend a facilitated excursions to experience the use of iPads in the field;
  • bring the experiences from the excursions back to the classroom to learn about publishing content.

It is highly recommended that attendees register for two days, as there will be strong links between the sessions on both days. 



Slide2Learn Untethered 2016 is focusing on the potential of learning outside the walls of your classroom.  We are in the process of arranging four excursions and one incursion that will help to lead you down a pathway of discovery and learning.  Each excursion will have a different Australian Curriculum theme.  While each excursion will be based in tropical Far North Queensland, the pedagogies and ideas you will use will be easily transported to your own home town.

You will be asked to give an expression of interest in the pathway that most interests you by making a selection from the list below.  This choice is not final as details are still being arranged and your interests may change between now and Slide2Learn Untethered 2016.  You will be offered final details and the opportunity to lock in your choice in the weeks leading up to the event.

Excursion 1 - The Arts (Visual Art)
Led by the amazing Cathy Hunt
Investigate the possibilities that public spaces offer Visual Arts through a visit to well known public spaces in Cairns.  

Excursion 2 - Science and Sustainability
Led by outdoor education expert Steve Papp
Explore a beautiful tropical ecosystem to document its characteristics.

Excursion 3 - Humanities and Social Sciences
Led by passionate HSS teachers Wendy Tisbury and Danielle Purdy
Visit a registered Pioneer cemetery to release the history of this important site.  

Excursion 4 - Intercultural Understanding & Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures
Travel to a locally significant place to discover the importance of storytelling by working with some of our local indigenous people.  Learn how to make valuable connections between your classroom and your local indigenous people.

Incursion - General Capabilities Incursion at St Andrew’s Catholic College
Led by the internationally acclaimed Tony Vincent
Experience a range of valuable ways to move your students beyond the classroom walls.  This incursion is offered for delegates who would like an extended session with Tony Vincent OR for delegates who would prefer not to travel off the College grounds.