30 August - 1 September 2016, Brisbane

You're invited to attend

The Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference will be held from 30 August - 1 September 2016 at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, Queensland. 


Why Sustainable Use?

Wildlife and habitat conservation has traditionally been conducted via a public and private reserve network system.  However, there has been concern that this type of conservation alone does not adequately provide for long-term conservation of some species.  One alternative conservation pathway to this reserve system is conservation through the sustainable use of wildlife.  Managing wildlife as an important resource is one strategy among many that together can achieve important conservation goals.

Why Two Decades On and Why Now?

The original “Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife” conference was held at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia in February 1994.  This landmark event brought together landholders, scientists, industry and NGO representatives to discuss this important topic.  More than two decades have passed since the original conference and the sustainable use of wildlife continues to be an important conservation tool throughout Australia and New Zealand – and further afield.  Now is a great time to review this important field of conservation and provide some input and guidance for the future.

What are the Conference Topics?

This conference will address the following:

  • Sustainable Use of Wildlife as a Conservation Tool
  • Alternative Strategies for Wildlife Conservation
  • Private Conservation Efforts that Supplement/Enhance Public Conservation Efforts
  • Conservation that Contributes to the Triple Bottom Line (Environmental, Economic, Social)
  • Progress in Sustainable Use of Wildlife in the Last Two Decades
  • New Conservation Paradigms in the 21st Century

Why Should I Attend?

Delegates to this conference will be able to:

  • Learn about what others are doing in this space
  • Present/share your experiences of conservation and sustainable use
  • Have your thinking expanded and/or challenged
  • Help shape the future of sustainable use of wildlife
  • Rub shoulders with other wildlife conservation professionals and students: there will be plenty of networking in the welcome reception/poster session, the session breaks and the conference dinner.