Panel Presenter Guidelines


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Due as soon as possible


Time allocated: 60 minutes

  • Refer to the detailed briefing notes that have been emailed to you for the session theme and session specific details.
  • The panel sessions will be co-ordinated by a specialist facilitator.
  • The panel session will be preceded by keynote presentations that are related to the panel theme. These keynote presenters will then join the other members of the panel.
  • The panel session will consist of four or five members, including the preceding keynote speakers.
  • At the beginning of the panel session, the panel members that did not give a preceding keynote will each give a five-minute presentation based on the panel theme. Further details about the format for these presentations are contained below.
  • Following these presentations, all panel members will then be guided through a facilitated discussion drawing on key issues raised in their theme-based presentations.


All panellists are requested to complete and submit a short online speaker form due as soon as possible.




  • Panel members will be seated in lounge-type chairs arranged in a semi-circle facing the audience (i.e. you will not be sitting behind a table).
  • Each panel member will have a headset microphone.
  • The facilitator will be mobile on the stage to facilitate the panel discussion.
  • For those panel members starting the session with a five-minute presentation, the facilitator will invite you to use a lectern placed near the lounge chairs.
  • A timekeeper will be located in your direct line of sight. They will hold-up flash cards indicating how much time you have remaining in your five-minute presentation (i.e. 2 mins to go, 1 min to go, stop). Timeframes will be strictly adhered to ensuring sessions are kept on time.
  • Given the panel sessions are being held in the main auditorium (Great Hall), there will be no Q&A between the panel and the audience. For each panel session, the discussion will occur entirely on-stage between the panel members and the facilitator.

Panel presentation guidelines

Key Word’ (five minutes per speaker for those panel members giving a presentation – i.e. those who have not given a keynote speech). Speakers choose three (3) words that best illustrate/encapsulate what they see as crucial to consider in relation to their take on the panel session theme. Their five-minute presentation is then based on/around only these three (3) words.

Speakers use each of their three (3) words to discuss how, why, in what ways etc. each chosen word demonstrates the key issues/learning/controversies etc. the speaker sees as central to understanding the panel theme.

Speakers can draw on the origin or derivation of a word, present a play on words, explore the changing use of the word(s) over time, how the word has been promoted/co-opted/interpreted relative to its original meaning etc., use each letter of the word to highlight a key point, present a visual representation of the word that brings home their key message etc.

Their PowerPoint presentation must only use the three (3) words they have chosen and present them in the most interesting and impactful way they can devise to highlight key ‘take home messages’ around the panel theme.

The speakers chosen words, the issues raised by them, the questions submitted prior to the Congress and the broader panel theme, will then be woven together by the facilitator into a discussion involving all panel members that further explores and expands on the panel theme.


  • If you are providing a 5 minute ‘key word’ presentation at the start of the panel, you may use a PowerPoint Presentation (refer to the panel briefing notes that have been emailed to you to confirm if you are providing one of these presentations)
  • Maximum number of slides is 3 (excluding references and acknowledgement)
  • Presenters will not be permitted to go to an external URL/website during their presentation (PPT slides only)
  • In the interest of running seamless transitions between presentations, presenters cannot use their own laptops. All slideshows will be copied onto the main presentation machine.
  • Presentation slides will be made available online on the IHF website (in pdf format) after the event


All presentations must be created using Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint slides are required in 16:9 (widescreen) format. This can be found under slide size in your PPT, as this will make a considerable difference within your presentation. Contact us should you require assistance with ensuring your presentation is in this format. 


Should you wish to use the World Hospital Congress PPT template, please download this below. This is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged. 

Download PPT template


Your PowerPoint presentation and any accompanying video files are to be uploaded via the DropBox link below by COB Wednesday 29 August 2018.

Presenters must upload your presentation, however we are aware minor updates may occur in the lead up to the Congress.


  • name your file in the following format: Session#_Firstname_Surname.pptx
  • Click on the choose files button to add your files.  Once you have selected all your files [don’t forget to include any video files] fill in your name and email so we can contact you if there is an issue and click Upload.
  • Don’t close your browser window until the upload has completed.
  • You will receive an email confirming your upload is successful.

All presenters need to bring their final PPT slides with them on a USB and check in at the Speakers Preparation room (via door 2) next to the speaker registration desk when you arrive at the Congress.


Best entry point

Presenters are advised to access BCEC via Merivale Street, marked on the map as 'Main Entrance' (map link below), with the Congress held in the Great Hall. This is known as the 'Main Entrance' as shown on the map. 

Important note: If you enter the BCEC by an alternative entry, you may have to walk a long distance through the BCEC to get to the Great Hall. 


When should you arrive?

All presenters should arrive at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled session, allowing you time to be prepared should there be a last minute program change. A specific time has been provided in the briefing notes that were emailed to you. 

On arrival 

On arrival at the Congress, please proceed to the dedicated presenter registration desk (located at the Main Foyer registration desk, Merivale St entrance) to collect your name badge, and meet with the Congress Organisers (Iceberg Events). Refer to the program page of the website to view the operating times of the registration desk.


Please direct all enquiries to the Congress Organisers:

Brodi Newsome 
Event Assistant
Iceberg Events
+61 7 3876 4988