The Global Acute Care Excellence Forum 2017

  • The Global Acute Care Excellence Forum 2017
  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • The Global Acute Care Excellence Forum 2017
  • South Bank, Brisbane
  • The Global Acute Care Excellence Forum 2017
  • South Bank, Brisbane
  • Brisbane City and South Bank

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The Global Acute Care Excellence Forum 2017 will be held 20-21 February 2017 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Australia.  This Global Forum will bring together international experts who are at the forefront of hospital system redesign, to best respond to these challenges.

The overall theme of ACE 2017 is ensuring safe passage for frail and vulnerable patients across the hospital continuum.

International Launch of New Hospital Assessment Systems

International Launch of the new interRAI Acute Care - February 2017, Brisbane Australia

The continuous drive to improve standards of assessment and care is being met by escalating documentation burden, particularly for nurses. Compliance is often poor; and other professional groups who could benefit from access to vital information cannot rely on its availability.  Nursing staff do not have sufficient time.  Nurses often complete documentation because they have, not because the assessments inform their care planning or tasks.  A new approach is required.

Over the past 5 years, the interRAI research collaboration has developed and extensively tested a new assessment system which support assessments, care planning, and quality improvement across the hospital continuum.  The new interRAI Acute Care, has been specifically designed to support the acute nursing admission process, has less than 60 observations and is vastly shorter than most existing hospital systems, which can exceed 300 items.  In spite of its brevity, it captures problems (delirium, dementia) and identifies risks (pressure ulcer, falls) with the same level of precision as traditional screeners.  This system promises to transform the nurse assessment process. It will feed valuable information to the entire multi-disciplinary team.

The international launch of this new effective and efficient system, designed to improve care for frail and vulnerable patients in hospital will be held in Brisbane Australia on 20 and 21 February 2017.  The Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine (University of Queensland) led by Professor Len Gray, and with the support of interRAI and the Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners, will host the international conference to launch the new interRAI Acute Care.  The Forum will host keynote speakers, who are experts across several disciplines and include systems demonstrations, and consider training and implementation challenges. Not to be missed.

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Who should attend?

Good quality care for frail and vulnerable adults is very dependent on good nursing care.  Yet nurses are increasingly asked to do more, including considerable documentation, which often competes with direct patient care.  The ACE Forum addresses this problem head on, trying to understand what is required for good care while offering solutions to reduce administrative burden.

Health Professionals
With demographic ageing, frail older patients are constituting a growing proportion of the hospital population.  Robust systems of assessment and care delivery, involving all health disciplines, are needed to ensure that this important patient group enjoys the benefits of good hospital care, without exposure to a wide array of risks.  The ACE Forum will consider how care is best delivered to older patients, and offer new solutions for assessment and care planning.

Health Administrators
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care will introduce new standards related to “comprehensive care” and “harm minimisation” in 2018-19.  Effective, efficient assessment will be a critical requirement. The ACE Forum will witness the launch of a completely new internationally developed (with Australian and New Zealand leadership) comprehensive assessment system.  The advanced system encompasses the emergency department, acute and post-acute care and directly addresses the new standards to be introduced. It delivers diagnostic and risk screeners, severity measures, ability to monitor progress and caseload, and quality indicators, whilst significantly reducing the documentation burden currently in place. 

Why should you attend this forum?

Population ageing and the ability to treat less complex patients outside of the hospital is driving changes among hospital patients towards increasingly frail and vulnerable individuals. These patients are exposed to high risk of adverse events, which if not managed appropriately, can result in higher costs and less efficiency. New accreditation standards are likely to demand hospitals respond to these special needs.

Plenary sessions on:

  • Meeting the needs of older patients in acute care
  • New standards for comprehensive care in hospital
  • Whole of episode assessment systems developed by the interRAI collaborative
  • Challenges for nurses in assessment and care planning
  • New accreditation standards of care of vulnerable patients for Australia
  • Senior friendly emergency departments – their evolution and inevitability
  • Making use of “frailty” measurement in the hospital setting
  • Creating assessment systems across the hospital – community interface
  • IT opportunities and challenges

Interactive symposia and workshops on:

  • Screening whole hospital populations
  • Managing cognitive problems in hospital
  • Appraising quality: Quality indicators across the hospital continuum
  • Hospital avoidance strategies
  • Reaching out with telehealth
  • Performing nurse assessments at admission with the new interRAI Acute Care system
  • Software demonstrations