Neil Guard

Executive Director, Drug and Alcohol Office

Mr Neil Guard joined the Drug and Alcohol Office as Executive Director in 2008.  In this role Neil has been significantly focusing on working across government and together with the sector and the community to address alcohol and drug related harm. During this time he was also seconded by the Minister for Mental Health for several months to set up the newly formed WA Mental Health Commission.

Neil represents Western Australia on the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs, which consists of senior officers representing health and law enforcement in each Australian jurisdiction and is responsible for implementing the National Drug Strategy. As part of this role, Neil also chairs the National IGCD Working Group on Alcohol.

Before joining the Drug and Alcohol Office, Neil held the position of Executive Director of Healthway for more than five years, and prior to that held a range of senior positions including Director of Accommodation Services in the Disability Services Commission and change management roles in the Corporate sector.

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