Australian Crime Commission (ACC)

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The Australian Crime Commission is Australia’s national criminal intelligence agency with specialist investigative capabilities. It works with its partners to reduce the threat and impact of serious and organised crime on Australia and the Australian economy, by discovering, understanding and responding to the business of serious and organised crime.

The Crime Commission’s High Risk and Emerging Drugs special operation monitors all Australian illicit drug markets to develop a holistic understanding of those markets, both domestically and internationally.

Intelligence is the key to seizing drugs before they make it to our streets and to identifying new drug-related threats to the community.
Despite the Commission’s highly developed knowledge of individual markets and the links between them, these markets are constantly evolving and intelligence gaps exist. The Commission resolves these gaps by leveraging its unique mix of powers and capabilities to discover and understand more about the markets and to inform partners of new and emerging trends. The Commission also proactively develops and informs appropriate operational, legal and policy responses.

Through the High Risk and Emerging Drugs special operation, the Crime Commission is contributing to demand, supply and harms reduction strategies in line with the National Drug Strategy 2010–15.

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