Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council Sponsorship

Brisbane is the largest local government in Australia with a Lord Mayor and 26 Ward Councillors. Brisbane City Council’s vision is that Brisbane will continue to be a friendly, safe, vibrant, green and prosperous city.

Key drivers to achieve our vision for a friendly, safe city are:

  • improving the perception of safety and reducing the risk and incidence of crime
  • minimising safety risks and other harms associated with alcohol and drug misuse in public and entertainment areas
  • responding to safety issues and the incidence of crime.

Council’s key community safety initiatives include:

  • a Suburban Crime Prevention Grants program that provides funding to not-for-profit organisations, sporting clubs and local businesses to introduce safety measures to help deter crime and improve community safety
  • supporting the Queensland Government’s Safe Night Out Strategy in entertainment precincts of Fortitude Valley, the CBD and Caxton Street
  • working with Queensland Police Service to promote community safety through safety awareness and education materials that help residents and visitors develop their own personal safety strategies when out and about
  • implementing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles and safety measures to plan, design and manage public spaces and assets.

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