GK Solutions


GK Solutions is the supplier of IDENTA Drug Detection Kits in Australia. Identa is the only company that are developing new chemistry for the newest and latest concerns, we also have kits that are able to detect precursors etc.

Identa Kits are

  • Significantly safer to use than other kits
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Advanced chemical formulation provides superior testing capability with far fewer false positives
  • Rigid plastic casing provides maximum protection for the operator when breaking the glass ampoules
  • The sampler is protected from any possible contamination
  • The sampler collects the exact amount of substance required for testing – no need to measure substances
  •  The sampler locks into place for testing  - no possibility of chemical leakage
  • Kits that require acid neutralisation have a self contained neutralisation agent – no need to open the casing and expose the operator to the chemicals


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