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SupportLink originated in the minds and hearts of human services workers who sought better outcomes for vulnerable people and considered this to be achievable through enhancements and increased sophistication of systemic processes across government and non-government services.  Spanning 16 years of commitment to the community sector, SupportLink strives to achieve a fully managed framework that utilises both technology and community development to achieve remarkable outcomes. 

Our work has gained the trust of Police, Ambulance, Education, Child Protection, Health and non-government agencies across Australian states and territories. SupportLink has provided a national referral and diversion gateway for police and other emergency services for 17 years and recently and our work has evolved into the Integrated Services Framework (ISF).
The ISF is a new generation framework that enables a whole of government and community response to the integration of service provision across the human services sector allowing communities to work as one. The purpose of the ISF is to support communities to better coordinate support for vulnerable persons and to reduce crime, suicides, child neglect and family violence. The ISF utilises a powerful framework enabling government and non-government agencies to work from a universal, cloud based platform and establishes multi-layered partnerships to deliver proactive service delivery across metropolitan, rural, indigenous and remote communities.

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