Marc Ziegenfuss

A/Prof Marc Ziegenfuss is a Senior Intensivist and past ICU Director at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane. He is also a Past-President of ANZICS and the current Chair of the Queensland State wide Intensive Care Network. As Network Chair the onus of an efficient, appropriate and effective Intensive Care response to COVID-19 rested on his Shoulders. Queensland was the first State to assemble an Emergency Response to COVID-19 in January of 2020. Co-ordinating a threefold increase in Intensive Care capacity in Queensland involving resource expansion and optimisation; workforce allocation and re-allocation, training and protection; and potentially resource rationing were all rapidly achieved through centralised inventory accounting and purchasing and extensive planning and communication with the Intensive Care Community. Expansion and sustainable Staffing of COVID-19 Pandemic-specific Telemedicine and retrieval Services to support remote areas was achieved. The Queensland Intensive Care response reflected a great Team effort. Marc also assumed national and international roles in the COVID-19 Pandemic response which are ongoing.

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