ADP-MoCC Now a Virtual Event!

  • Advanced Diagnostics and Physiological Monitoring in Critical Care Symposium

Advanced Diagnostics and Physiological Monitoring in Critical Care (ADP-MoCC) Symposium 2021

Due to the evolving Delta strain COVID-19 outbreak and extension of city-wide lockdown until Sunday; our ADP-MoCC 2021 will now be a virtual event on the same dates: this Friday 6th August and Saturday 7th August. At this stage, all scheduled speakers will be presenting virtually as per the current program.

In addition, we are hoping to host a Hosting a 1-day in-person ADP-MoCC Future ICU Tech Fair at the BCEC next year (2022) with invited speakers. More information will follow regarding this event.

If you have registered to attend the Symposium in person, the Iceberg Team can convert your registration to virtual attendance, and refund any difference.

If you have registered to attend the Symposium in person and do not wish to attend the virtual event, the Iceberg Team can refund your registration fee, less a $55 administration fee.

If you have registered as a virtual participant, your registration will remain in place. 

Please advise the Iceberg Team as soon as possible how you wish to proceed with your registration. Registration refunds can be expected within 14 days of the close of the Symposium. Please be patient with the team as we work through the process.

We have put together an exciting program encompassing a wide range of topics in diagnostics and physiological monitoring. Our distinguished and internationally acclaimed group of speakers include Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, Professor Bala Venkatesh, Professor John Fraser, Professor Ruth Hubbard, Professor Claire Rickard, Associate Professor Paul Griffin, Professor Amy Jannison, Professor Andrea Marshall, Associate Professor Anne Leditschke, Associate Professor Sasha Dionisio, Professor Brent Richards, Associate Professor David Sturgess, Dr Bernie Bissett, Dr Victoria Campbell, Dr Kylie Baker, Dr John Morgan, Dr Richard Baer and Dr Adrian Langley.

Participants will be treated to 6 plenary sessions over the course of 2 days:

  • Monitoring Oxygenation Through the Ages
  • Septic Acute Kidney Injury – Pathophysiology and Diagnostics 2021
  • Detecting SARS-CoV-2: Rapid Evolution of Diagnostic Techniques in a Respiratory Pandemic
  • Vascular Device Associated Infections
  • Pulmonary Electrical Impedance Tomography and Perfusion Monitoring
  • Diagnosis and Measurement of Frailty and its Relevance in Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine

There will also be 6 thematic sessions covering a broad range of topics:

  • Respiratory Diagnostics and Monitoring in the 21st Century
  • Micronutrients, Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Diagnosing and Monitoring Deterioration in the Hospital
  • Haemodynamic and Cardiovascular Monitoring
  • Monitoring Acid Base, Metabolic and Renal Function
  • Brain, Muscle and Physiological Reserve

The program is highly relevant to practitioners in intensive care, emergency medicine, anaesthetics, perioperative medicine, general medicine and general surgery. The topics will also be relevant for leaders and clinicians in safety and quality and clinical governance.

We truly believe that we will be able to deliver a high quality and high impact symposium within the confines of a virtual platform. Your understanding and ongoing support is much appreciated. 

A/Professor Nai An Lai
Chair, ADP-MoCC Organising Committee