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Löwenstein Medical is dedicated to the development, production, sales and marketing of medical devices in three main business divisions – hospital, homecare and diagnostics. Workstations for anesthesia, neonatology, pediatrics and intensive care ventilation describe the focus areas in the hospital segment. Moreover are diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for sleep medicine and homecare ventilation among the core competencies of the firm.

Innovative technology, ergonomic design and creative user interfaces distinguish our high-end-systems and permit optimal support to the user in every situation. Our strategy constantly seeks the benefit - for medicines, clinical users and patients.

The success of products "Made in Germany" is based on good ideas, years of experience, foresight and innovations.

As major sponsor of ADP-MoCC, symposium organisers are happy to share Löwenstein Medical's educational material with delegates. Please click on the links below to view:


More than global: Regional lung function by Electrical Impedance Tomography


Electrical impedance tomography in acute respiratory distress syndrome


The Kronberg List of Ventilation Modes Part 1: Modes of Ventilation


The Kronberg List of Ventilation Modes Part 2: Measurement values, Indices


Pressure support modes for spontaneously breathing patients


Volumetric Capnography (VCO2)


Ventilation and intensive care therapy for COVID-19


Ventilator Modes Name Comparison