Amy Jennison

Assoc Prof Amy Jennison is the Chief Scientist of the Public Health Microbiology laboratory in the Queensland Department of Health, which is the Australian state of Queensland’s reference laboratory responsible for the molecular surveillance of notifiable bacterial pathogens and characterisation of public health related outbreaks. The laboratory is uniquely positioned for responding to public health disease threats as it consists of clinical, high containment, genomic, food and waters teams, who work synergistically for both pathogen surveillance and outbreak responses. A/Prof Jennison has led the molecular team in the application of whole genome sequencing (WGS) to routine molecular surveillance and heads numerous research projects aimed at utilising WGS for improving molecular epidemiological investigation and preventing disease outbreaks of notifiable and emerging pathogens. Dr Jennison has a particular interest in addressing surveillance issues caused by culture independent diagnostic testing (CIDT) where molecular testing leads to underculturing of important bacterial pathogens. She is driving research into innovative approaches for deep sequencing on direct clinical specimens.

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