Brent Richards

Dr  Brent Richards is Medical Director of Innovation and Director of Critical Care Research at Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, and Adjunct Professor at Griffith University. He was previously also director of ICU for 15 years, executive director of Surgery, and chair of the state Intensive Care network, and has sat on the Health Director General advisory group, and Information Strategy Board for Queensland Health. He was project executive for the introduction of the ICU Clinical Information System in Queensland (Metavision). Additionally he also has a long involvement in many areas of Critical Care research.

He is working on ways to expand, understand and interrogate the growing static and streaming Healthcare data for continuously growing clinical understanding, business KPIs and research discovery. Particularly focussing on AI-enabled technologies, he is working collaboratively with Universities, Government and Industry to unlock the positive disruptive potential that AI can bring to Healthcare, iteratively improving both patient and system outcomes. To this end he is helping establish a large multi-centre ICU-centric clinical and medical IoT data platform for research discovery and algorithm development.

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