Tim Coombs


Tim Coombs (RN MNurs BSoSci (Hons Psych) Grad Dip Theo DPM PhD) he has a breadth of health care experience having worked in the sector for nearly 30 years. He began his career as a hospital trained general nurse. He then moved to mental health and has worked in general adult inpatient and community mental health services including 10 years working on a crisis/ assertive outreach team. He has led education and training and been the director of mental health nursing in the illawarra Shoalhaven local health district (LHD). Where he was also a member of the LHD board for several years. He has sat on state and national committees guiding mental health information development. Tim is also a surveyor for the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards recently focusing on the accreditation of trauma recovery programs. This range of experience means that Tim has a considerable understanding of health care from direct delivery to the highest level of governance. He is currently a fellow of the Illawarra Institute for Mental Health and a Senior Research fellow at the Australian Health Services Research Institute at the University of Wollongong.

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