Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts of oral presentations and poster presentations is now open for the ASAM 2019 Annual Conference. 

The deadline for submission has been extended to Monday 20 May 2019.

This year’s conference celebrates the diversity of aerospace medicine in Australasia. Abstracts and case presentations encompassing the breadth of practice in our region are invited.

Both the Dr Eric Stephenson Award and Dr Jeanette Linn Award will be presented at the conclusion of the conference.




Oral presentations: selected authors will be invited to present their papers in an appropriate session. It is anticipated that presentations will have a 20 minute time slot (15min presentation followed by 5min questions).

Poster presentations: posters can relate to any aspect of aviation and aerospace medicine, or aeromedical retrieval. Submissions may relate to accepted papers for which the authors are not invited to make a presentation, or to studies or reports for which a formal paper is not submitted.

Ophthalmology workshop for DAOs: selected authors will be invited to present their paper at the DAO workshop (Friday 20 September 11am-3.15pm). It is anticipated that presentations will have a 20 minute time slot (15min presentation followed by 5min questions).


The organising committee invites all those interested in the field of aerospace medicine to submit an abstract for either a scientific presentation or poster presentation at the 2019 conference.  We particularly encourage members to submit abstracts for clinically difficult or unusual cases which they have encountered in their practice.  


  • Abstracts may be submitted by clicking on the 'submit abstract' button on this webpage
  • Authors will need to create an author account to submit an abstract
  • Authors MUST submit a separate abstract for each presentation put forward for consideration
  • Abstracts must be received no later than Monday 20 May 2019
  • Abstracts are to only be submitted electronically via an online portal that is listed on the conference website. Faxed abstracts will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words
  • If you are copying and pasting your abstract from a Word document, ensure you stay within the word limit on the portal and check the last sentence in case it is cut off. 
  • Please follow all instructions for submitting your abstract via the online portal
  • Receipt of your abstract will be acknowledged as soon as it has been received and checked
  • Notification of acceptance will be provided in June 2019
  • Presenters are requested to provide permission to a) reproduce the abstract in the conference abstract book and b) have their presentation on the ASAM website
  • It is hoped that authors will also submit full papers for publication in the ASAM Journal
  • ASAM has adopted a Code of Practice for Scientific Integrity in Presentations and Publications. Please ensure you acknowledge the Declaration for Scientific Integrity when submitting your abstract via the online portal.

When submitting an abstract, you need to create an author account on the above "Submit Abstract" button. The abstract format for the online portal is as follows.


  • Title should be a maximum of 50 characters in length
  • Title should be descriptive, clearly identifying the key theme of the presentation
  • Presenters should avoid vague or witty titles that do not convey a tone suitable for a scientific meeting


  • Enter name/s of author/s on form
  • Check the box for those authors who are presenting
  • Each author needs to be listed separately
  • Biographies are to be provided for the main presenting author and for any presenting co-authors 
  • Include professional titles (e.g. Dr, Prof) when entering the author/presenter names


  • The online form will not keep any formatting you have created from a Word document; simply enter your abstract into the content box provided
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 250 words written in the English language 
  • Do not leave blank lines between paragraphs 
  • Use standard abbreviations only
  • Do not use abbreviations in the title


Each abstract must have at least one Learning Objective, i.e., the “take-away” from the presentation. These will be printed along with the abstract.

For example: Understand the rates of CNS O2 toxicity observed in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

In order to support CPD requirements, you must submit 3 multiple choice questions and answers (true/false is also acceptable) for each presentation.

Sample question:

At sea level, at a temperature of 15 °C (59 °F) and under normal atmospheric conditions, the speed of sound is:

A. 340 m · s-1
B. 1225 km · h-1
C. 761 mph
D. All of the above


  • If your abstract is accepted, you will be provided with a speaker registration form. Please do not complete the online delegate registration form.
  • No honorarium or financial support will be provided to authors of abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation. 
  • Accepted presenters will be offered a discounted conference registration fee and must register and pay to attend the conference. 
  • The author(s) of abstracts presented at the conference, must provide permission to ASAM to publish the abstract, author details, posters and/or slides electronically and in other formats.


Deadline for submission: Monday 20 May 2019
Notification of acceptance: June 2019
ASAM Conference: 19-22 September 2019




If you have any questions please contact the Conference Organisers, Iceberg Events.