Dr Sanjiv Sharma

Senior Medical Officer, Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Sanjiv served in the Indian Air Force for more than 24 years, where he had opportunities to handle various responsibilities ranging from ‘squadron doctor’, senior medical officer, command of the aero medical training centre at Air Force Academy, and faculty at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine. He relocated to Singapore in 2011, where he was involved in conducting Aerospace Physiology and Human Factors courses for the aircrew of Republic of Singapore Air Force and other friendly air forces and Human Performance and Limitations Courses for the aircrew of Singapore Airlines and allied airlines. Currently he is a senior medical officer at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Australia. 

He is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Aerospace Medicine and the Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine; Associate Fellow of Aerospace Medical Association; and, holds membership of the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Australasian Medical Review Officers Association and Aerospace Medicine International. 


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