Peter Thorpe

Retired Pilot

Peter went into flying at the age of 17 straight after completing year 12, all he ever wanted to do was fly. After gaining his commercial licence he then went on to complete his instructors rating, Instrument rating and senior commercial pilots licence. The next four years saw him instructing, charter flying, and flying coastal surveillance before settling down in Coffs Harbour as Chief Flying Instructor of Coffs Harbour Aero Club. Qantas accepted his application in 1984, and within 7 years he had a command on a 767 having just turned 30. He switched to the 747 in 2004 and then with the introduction of the A380 he spent the last 8 years of his career flying the Double Decker Bus, before retiring medically in December 2016. Throughout his career Peter has held many roles in AIPA but most recently (the last 7 years) he has been working in the welfare portfolio assisting pilots with medical retirement and loss of licence to this day.

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