CHARGE Network

The CHARGE Network is an inclusive, interdisciplinary and worldwide network of Deafblind International particularly for professionals in the field of CHARGE Syndrome.

  • Its intention is to provide:
  • an opportunity to share experiences
  • resources (e.g. literature hints, website signposts/links) – this is in progress
  • a discussion forum – with current questions/issues addressed in the form of a ‘topic of the month’ to structure the exchange – also in progress
  • support for research (e.g. naming important questions; circulating research information/requests).

In addition to providing an opportunity for sharing knowledge and expertise amongst those professionals with experience in the field, the CHARGE Network also serves as a contact point for those professionals who are new to working to support individuals with CHARGE. The CHARGE Network does not intend to replicate existing CHARGE family support group websites.


CHARGE Network Workshop
Date: Monday 12 August
Time: 8.00am - 5.00pm
Cost for delegate to attend workshop: $AUD120
Cost for personal interpreter/aide of an attending delegate to workshop: $AUD100
Facilitator: Dr Andrea Wanka

The DbI CHARGE Network is part of a group of specialist networks that are recognized as one of the core activities of Deafblind International. The DbI CHARGE Network is a network for professionals working with people with CHARGE Syndrome. CHARGE Syndrome is the most common reason for congenital deafblindness and - as David Brown always says - a true multi sensory impairment. DbI CHARGE Network is an interdisciplinary Network, which means, that no matter in which professional field you are working, you are welcome joining us. In the last years we grew as a network and are now about 90 members from 14 countries. We have a mailing list, where you can post questions to everybody any time and a whats app group. Furthermore we do meet during DbI Conferences in Network times and we organize preconference linked to the DbI Conferences. Currently we are running a project of a book called "You touched me" - Partner competencies of professionals from people with CHARGE Syndrome.

Pre-conference DbI Network Workshop registration includes day catering. 

If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add a DbI Network Workshop to your registration, contact the Conference Organisers. 

If you haven't yet registered for the conference, bookings for the DbI Network Workshops can be made via the online registration form when you complete your conference registration. 

If you only want to attend a pre-conference workshop, and not any other component of the conference, please follow the below links. 




The following meetingswill be held during the conference program and are at no additional cost to your conference registration. Click here to view the program and click here to see other Network Meetings.  

CHARGE Network Meeting
Date: Wednesday 14 August 2019
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
​Facilitator: Dr Andrea Wanka