Guidelines for financial sponsorship

Financial Sponsorship Applications are now closed.

The purpose of DbI is to bring together professionals, researchers, families, deafblind people and administrators to raise awareness of deafblindness. Central to our work is to support the development of services to enable a good quality of life for deafblind children and adults of all ages.

One activity that assists in promoting the purpose of DbI is sponsorship at regional and world conferences and other DbI related events. This is a place where individuals working with deafblind people can come together and freely exchange ideas.

DbI has a sponsorship process where it invites applications for financial sponsorship to attend a DbI event.

Individuals applying for financial sponsorship must be able to demonstrate how their participation in a DbI event and the knowledge acquired at a conference will be related to the DbI Strategic Plan.  

The goals of the Strategic Plan are:

  1. Strive for an enhanced organizational capacity to meet the needs of deafblind people
  2. Influence the development of services for the benefit of deafblind people and their families around the world
  3. Strive to encourage improvements in practice and creation of new knowledge by facilitation improved communication and networking.

Applying for financial sponsorship

Many applications are received for sponsorship so applying does not guarantee funding support. If successful, it is unlikely for DbI to fund the entire sponsorship request and applicants are encouraged to find the remainder of the funds for their participation from other sources.  

Financial Sponsorship Applications are now closed.

Both successful and unsuccessful applicants are advised (see below notification dates). 

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be notified no later than four and a half months prior to the DbI event (by Monday 8 April 2019).

Applicants to accept or decline the sponsorship no later than four months prior to the DbI event (by Monday 22 April 2019).

DbI will not transfer the agreed amount of sponsorship funds to the successful applicant. DbI will instead pay the event registration and accommodation directly to the Conference Organisers and hotel. 

Successful applicants will be required to attend a DbI Welcome Reception at the event.

Funding can only be provided in Euros and not in any other currency. 

After the conference

Successful applicants will be required to provide feedback after the event about the benefits of attending the event and how they have applied the information learnt when they returned home.

The Secretariat will request this information within 3 months of the applicant attending the event (by Friday 9 November 2019).

Key dates

Friday 29 March 2019: applications to be received by the DbI Secretariat 
Monday 8 April 2019: successful and unsuccessful applicants notified
Monday 22 April 2019: successful applicants to accept or decline the sponsorship
Friday 9 November 2019: successful applicants to provide feedback after the event