Oral presentation guidelines

Important note: all oral presenters must register and pay for the conference by Thursday 28 February 2018 to confirm their participation as a presenter. Refer to the Presenter Guidelines home page for more information. 


Rehearse your presentation to ensure it is within this time allocation. Presenters are not permitted to go overtime. Your presentation and PowerPoint slides must be in English. No translation services are provided at the Conference. 

If accepted for a concurrent session oral presentation

Concurrent sessions are meant to be creative learning experiences, as opposed to lectures. Presenters are expected to include discussions, seek opinions, answer questions and ensure a participatory approach. 

Concurrent session time allocated: We ask presenters to prepare topics and questions to spark the discussion and involve participants in an interactive way for a total of 45 minutes. Concurrent sessions will consist of 30 minutes for the presentation portion, 15 minutes to engage and involve your audience.

Session type: Oral presentation 

If accepted for a forum session oral presentation

Forum session time allocated: Brodi Newsome will be in touch to confirm your forum session oral time allocation. 

Session type: Oral presentation 


Please submit the following for the Conference Organisers to promote your session. This will be placed on the speakers page of the conference website. 

1. High resolution headshot (photograph)

  • The file size should be over 100KB to be considered high resolution
  • It must be a clear photograph (not blurry)
  • Save the photograph with the file title as the presenter name
  • Email the file to Brodi Newsome via brodi@icebergevents.com.au by Thursday 28 February 2019.

2. 100 word (approx) biography written in third person




The room will be set with the standard items:

  • lectern and microphone
  • widescreen in 16:9 ratio (please set your slides to this size)
  • laptop PC (windows, not MAC)
  • mouse to click through presentation.

To enable a seamless transition between presentations, presenters cannot use their own laptops. All slideshows will be copied onto the main presentation machine. If you have any questions, please e-mail Brodi Newsome. There will be an AV technician on-site throughout the conference to assist you.

All presenters must complete the following form which will ask you to nominate any additional requirements as well as complete consent questions. One form per oral presentation is to be submitted. 

This is a short online form which will take no longer than 3-5 minutes to complete. This must be completed by Thursday 17 July 2019.




  • All oral presenters are required to use PowerPoint Presentations during their session
  • Your presentation must cover the material as cited in the abstract
  • Use a plain background without any watermark, photo, or design behind the text 
  • Use an outline for your presentation, using short sentences and/or bulleted phrases (about 4 lines of text / 40 words per slide). Avoid long sentences. 
  • Keep it short. As a rule of thumb, one slide for every two minutes of speaking time.
  • Photographs, images, clip art, graphics, maps, and charts cannot be read by screen readers. They need an Alt Text description embedded in them and need to be verbally described during the presentation. 
  • If a short video is embedded in a slide it should not be over two minutes. Only videos with closed captioning must be used. If the video is not in English, a verbal English interpretation will be required for those who can’t see the closed captions.
  • If possible, please avoid the use of tables and graphs. Graphs are similar to photos and are not accessible to people who are blind. They must be accompanied by a text description and/or an alternative text tag. Tables are most accessible when the information is presented in a logical order that follows how a screen reader tabs through the rows and columns.
  • Please do not use italics, as they can be hard to read for individuals who have low vision. Please use left-justified text with a ragged right edge which is better for screen readers. Bullets and numbering may be hard for a Braille reader to follow if indented. Please use indentations sparingly.
  • Presenters will not be permitted to go to an external URL/website during their presentation (PPT slides only)
  • Presenters should acknowledge co-authors within their presentations. Co-authors will not be listed on conference collateral due to limited space.
  • In the interest of running seamless transitions between presentations, presenters cannot use their own laptops. All slideshows will be copied onto the main presentation machine.
  • Presentation slides will be made available online on the Able Australia website (in PDF format) after the event
  • Reference to possible sponsorship is possible but no advertisement will be accepted.


All presentations must be created using Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint slides are required in 16:9 (widescreen) format. This can be found under slide size in your PPT, as this will make a considerable difference within your presentation. Contact us should you require assistance with ensuring your presentation is in this format. 


Visual material should be high contrast; use a dark background for PowerPoint slides with high contrast yellow or white lettering. Generally, 14 point type should be the smallest you use and “Sans Serif” fonts are preferred as they are easier to read (at least 22 point type). 

Avoid overcrowding a presentation slide as this can be visually confusing. 

Graphics can be used, but it is important that some members of the audience may require content to be described during the presentation. 

Photos and videos may be used but, again, it is the presenter’s responsibility to describe the content. If your presentation includes a video, please include captioning, audio description and/or transcripts. 

Use simple clear text that does not move around. It can help to number bullet points so they can be found or referred to more easily.


It is possible that your presentation will have sign language interpretation. Be aware that participants are attending from around the world, and English may not be their first language. Therefore, it is helpful if presenters speak more slowly than usual.

All rooms have a loop system installed for hearing aid users, and therefore presenters are likely to be asked to use a microphone during their presentation. Please do your best to face the audience while speaking so participants with hearing impairments can lip-read as you talk.  When presenting, please do not read your text. A more spontaneous presentation style is appreciated by participants. Acronyms should be fully spelled out or spoken in their entirety to ensure understanding.


Download the below blank template set to the correct PPT slide size (widescreen 16:9 ratio). 




If you would like to show a video within your presentation, we require all video files pre-conference (embedded files and YouTube/internet links) so that our AV Technical Director can download these and test them pre-conference. Follow the instructions below to submit your video files. If a short video is embedded in a slide it should not be over 2 minutes.


Your PowerPoint presentation and any accompanying video files are to be uploaded via the DropBox link below by Thursday 25 July 2019.

Presenters must upload your presentation; however, we are aware minor updates may occur in the lead up to the conference. Please bring along your final presentation files on a USB. 


  • Important note: name your file in the following format: Session#_Firstname_Surname.pptx (your session number can be found on the e-program)
  • Click on the below link
  • Click on the choose files button to add your files.  Once you have selected all your files [don’t forget to include any video files] fill in your name and email so we can contact you if there is an issue and click Upload. If you are already logged into Dropbox, you won't be asked for this information. 
  • Don’t close your browser window until the upload has completed.
  • You will receive an email confirming your upload is successful. 

All presenters need to bring their final PPT slides with them on a USB and check in at the Speakers Preparation room (via door 2) next to the speaker registration desk when you arrive at the Conference.



Please remember that a number of participants will have sensory impairments.  Presentations must be as inclusive and accessible as possible. This includes, for example, describing all visual materials for individuals with a visual impairment, and speaking at an appropriate speed for interpreters for individuals with deafblindness.  



  • Can I have a co-presenter? Yes, however they must be a co-author of your abstract/study. You must notify Brodi Newsome if you are having a co-presenter. 
  • Will co-authors be listed on the program? No, only presenters of the session will be listed on the program. Co-authors should be acknowledged within the presentation.
  • When will the program be announced? The program is now available, click here to view.
  • I can no longer present, what do I do? You can submit a substitute presenter however they must be a co-author of your abstract/study. Alternatively, you can withdraw your poster from the program. Click here to view information on submitting a substitute presenter or withdrawing your abstract. 
  • Do I need to present using a PowerPoint presentation? Yes, all oral presenters are required to use PowerPoint Presentations during their session. View the guidelines above. If you are unable to use a PPT presentation due to accessibility requirements, we ask you to notify us within the AV requirements form.  
  • Can I bring my own laptop to run my presentation from? No, there will be an AV team who will upload your presentation to the dedicated presentation laptop.
  • What language do I present in? The official language of the conference is English. All presentations must be presented in English. No translation services will be available.
  • I have already registered but would like to add accommodation and/or social function tickets to my registration. Can I do this? Yes, to do this you will need to contact us via email outlining what you would like added to your registration. Please do not complete the online registration form again. Click here to view accommodation available, and click here to view social function ticket information.


Click on the link below to be redirected to the main presentation guidelines webpage.




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