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Accessibility - Tuesday 13 August 2019Communication - Wednesday 14 August 2019Technology - Thursday 15 August 2019

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Accessibility - Tuesday 13 August 2019

Feneis of Minas Gerais: support for persons with deafblindness in Brazil
Lara Gontijo de Castro Souza, Social Educator, FENEIS
Eleniudes dos Santos Silva

Open your eyes and ears to age-related dual sensory loss (Adsl)
Renu Minhas, Coordinator, Client Services & Research, DeafBlind Ontario Services

Developing educational services for children with deafblindness in Thailand
Siriporn Tantaopas, Teacher, Northern Region School for the Blind
Dr Pramuan Ploykamonchun, Director, Northern Region School for the Blind

Project +Plus
Kent Hedesstrom, Deafblind Team Gothenburg 

Orientation and mobility: walking in the shoes of other's
Maede Martha Mueller, Rehabilitation Teacher, SNAB Deafblind Switzerland

Educational practices that facilitate learning for children with Md & Db
Maria Elena Nassif
Graciela Ferioli
Marianna Galli

Canadian Helen Keller: a model for accessible services
Melanie Gauthier, Provincial Programs Manager, Canadian Helen Keller Center

Sexuality and deafblindness: breaking down barriers by initiating dialogue
Melanie Gauthier, Provincial Programs Manager, Canadian Helen Keller Center

Collabaration of agencies to bridge services between home and school for children with deafblindness
Sheila McIntosh, Teacher of Students with Deafblindness, Provincial Outreach Program for Students with Deafblindness
Theresa Tancock, Family Services Coordinator, Canadian Deafblind Association - BC Chapter (CDBA-BC)

Enhanced contrast: the key to accessible environment!
Deiva Jayaraman, Frontline Eye Hospital

Deafblind Centre of Excellence in Australia: supporting service excellence
Carla Anderson, Able Australia
Kate MacRae

The use of computer assistive technology among students with visual impairment in Ghana
Joseph Ampratwum, Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation Knust

Mission accomplished?! Tailor made training in Burkina Faso.
Trees van Nunen, Royal Dutch Kentalis
Heleen Reedijk, Project Manager, Kentalis International
Therese Kafando

Health and family climate in families where one parent has deafblindness
Agneta Anderzén Carlsson, University Health Care Research Center, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Örebro University, Swedish Institute for Disability Research, Örebro University

Una Decada. Caminando Paso A Paso Por La Inclusión Educativa En Paraguay
Nathalia Ojeda, Asociacion Braille Paraguay
Beatriz Sarubbi

Communication - Wednesday 14 August 2019

Pattern of conectedness: interactional analysis in the context of charge syndrome
Andrea Wanka, Stiftung st. franziskus heiligenbronn

Tactile language development
Maria Creutz, Senior Adviser, Nordic Welfare Center
Jenny Näslund, Adviser, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

Tactile book on improving the understanding and expression of emotional words of deafblind
A/Prof Yi-Tun Tseng, National University of Tainan (Department of Special Education)

Aspects of learning: opportunities and limitations for persons with Alström Syndrome
Berit Rönnåsen, Special Counsellor, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

Health and people with Usher Syndrome
Moa Wahlqvist, Swedish National Resource Center for Deafblindness, Audiological Research Center, Örebro University hospital, Swedish Institute for Disability Research, Örebro University

Researching tactile signed conversations
Dr Meredith Bartlett, Interpreter Educator & Researcher, Monash University
Louisa Willoughby
Howard Manns

"Communicate with me": challenging behavior seen in a dialogical perspective
Marijke Bolwerk, Royal Dutch Kentalis
Chiara Somers, Teacher, Educational Specialist, Royal Dutch Kentalis

Giving access to a cultural language
Caroline Lindström, Special Educator, Mo Gård

Deafblind awareness month international
Lee Simpson, Community Services Coordinator, Canadian Helen Keller Centre

Emergency intervenor services: an accessibility right
Janine Tucker, Provincial Project Coordinator, CNIB Deafblind Community Services

Augmented input and the classroom communication environment for learners with deafblindness
L. Beth Brady, Hunter College

Monitoring communication development using The Layered Communication Model
Kirsten Wolthuis, University of Groningen

Amanda’s journey to communication
Annette Piggott, DeafBlind Ontario Services
Katherine Logan

Perspectives on ways to enhance participation of persons with deafblindness in India
Atul Jaiswal, Doctoral Candidate, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queens University

Db-connect: bridging the gap between experience experts and professionals
Ingrid Korenstra, Bartiméus Expertise Center Deafblindness
Dr Saskia Damen
Kitty Bloeming

Behavioural competencies for intervenors
Renée Toninger, Intervenor Services Manager, Canadian Helen Keller Centre
Lee Simpson, Community Services Coordinator, Canadian Helen Keller Centre

How to incorporate culture of touch at organizational level
Christopher Woodfill, Associate Exectuive Director, Helen Keller National Center

The Doctor can see you better now
Annmaree Watharow, University of Technology, Sydney

Technology - Thursday 15 August 2019

Performance of older adults with deafblindness when utilizing low vision aids with speech output
Dr Walter Wittich, Assistant Professor, School of Optometry, University of Montreal, Adjunct Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University

Adapted physical activity (Apa) enhanced with technology
Anders Rundh, Center for deafblindness and hearingloss

Technology as complementary communication tool
Catrin Andersson, Adviser, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

My life story about overcoming communication challenges as a deafblind person
Carleeta Manser

Educational inclusion university case study of a student with deafblindness
Miriam Gallegos Navas, Master in Special Education Director - Salesian Polytechnic University, CBM

Overview of interventions using video feedback with people who are congenitally deafblind
Saskia Damen, University of Groningen, Kentalis
Dr Marga Martens
Meredith Prain

Linking up speaking out project
Nadia Mattiazzo, Women with Disabilities Victoria
Lauren Brain

Meditation and haptics
Melissa Evans, Senses Australia

Deafblind Australia
David Murray, Deafblind Australia

Let’s talk about deafblindness on Facebook!
Bianca Della Líbera, Instituto Benjamin Constant
Marcia Mello