Cathy Proll

Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario

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Cathy Proll is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Deafblind Association Ontario Chapter. Cathy has been involved in the development and provision of services to people who are deafblind since the early 80s. Additionally Cathy is currently the Chair of the Deafblind Network of Ontario and has held many leadership roles within the Deafblind Sector in Ontario. These roles have included working closely with government in the transformation of intervenor services. Cathy was also part of the team that developed the deafblind supplement for the Inter-Rai Assessment.

Cathy has always had a passion for the education and training of intervenors and for the past 2 years she has lead of team of professionals in the development of technical competencies for intervenors working with adults who are deafblind. Currently Cathy is involved in a project with a team to develop an electronic single point of access system for people who are deafblind to access Intervenor services in Ontario. On an International level Cathy is a Board Member of Deafblind International and has had the opportunity to present at conferences on the International, National and Provincial level.

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