Dr Moa Wahlqvist

Swedish National Resource Center for Deafblindness, Audiological Research Center, Orebro University Hospital, Swedish Institute for Disability Research, Orebro University

Moa Wahlqvist works at the National Resource Center for deafblindness in Sweden as a coordinator of questions concerning reserach and knowledge development. She also has a position at the Audiological Research Center at the University hospital in Orebro, Sweden. Her professional background is within the area of social work. Moa's research interests concerns health and wellbeing for people with deafblindness and her main focus has been on people with Usher syndrome. She is involved in research concerning families where one parent has deafblindness, elderly with severe combined hearing and vision impairment, as well as health and work for people with Usher syndrome. She is also involved in research concerning rehabilitation and support for people with deafblindness in a life course perspective. Further interests are to be found within the area of knowledge transfer from research to practice and vice versa.

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