Marta Zaharia

Canadian Helen Keller Centre

Marta Zaharia is a 1991 graduate of the George Brown College Deafblind Intervenor Program, marking her as one of the first ever graduates from this unique program. She has been working in the Deafblind Intervenor Services sector for the past 26 years. Over the years Marta has been extremely dedicated to the field, striving for better consumer services. She started her career as an intervenor, working her way up to her current role as the Seniors Coordinator at the Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC). After taking this role on, Marta has flourished in expanding access for seniors with dual sensory loss, including an increase in available programming and the highest quality of intervenor services for CHKC's senior consumers. Marta is also an advocate for intervenors and the professionalization of their role in the province of Ontario, most notably so as the former president of the Intervenor Organization of Ontario (IOO). As a part of the IOO and Marta's outstanding work, she became one of the founding board members of the Deafblind Network of Ontario (DBNO). During the past two decades Marta has become a well-respected name in Ontario and the field of deafblindness, and was asked to become an integral part of the Intervenor Program's education team; Marta is currently a placement supervisor, she oversees, trains, and educates intervenor students as they complete their in-field practicums.

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