Sofi Malmgren

Adviser, The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools

Sofi has worked several years with tactile language and congenital deafblindness. In 2004, she started working as a preschool teacher for a child with congenital deafblindness. When the child started school, Sofi followed and worked as a teacher at a new school for students with congenital deafblindness. She soon became interested in how to develop tactile communication with several individuals involved - multi-party communication.
Together with her colleguage, Jessica Jägryd, she saw opportunities with multi-party communication, as a way to approach conversations about emotions and sexuality. Her interest in the subject inspired her to write a master thesis about communicating emotions, through tactile bodily language. (The master thesis is only available in Swedish.)

During the recent years, Sofi has worked as a National Advisor at National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, where she has the opportunity to spread these skills further in Sweden.

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