Yvette Gallegos

Yvette Gallegos M.Ed After finishing the studies in multiple disabilities and deafblindness returned to Mexico and began to advocate for services for this population and their families. She worked as volunteer in different countries in Europe and Latin America and currently is working in the field advocating for families in Mexico Graciela Ferioli has studies in the area of vision and hearing disabilities she worked for 27 years in international affairs regarding the education of students with multiple disabilities including deafblindness. She has been a great advocate for families and collaborates with parents networks. Dr. Namita Jacob has worked intensively with children, families and communities for over 25 years. Her experience in care home situations starts with her own position as Carer in a residential care and education facility for children with multiple sensory impairment from all across the country, some with and others without families. She has worked in several countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

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