Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time is the Enemy of Food! 

Every minute one of our piping hot fresh pizzas sits waiting for a customer to collect them, they deteriorate.

‘Time is the enemy of food’. The longer food sits on the rack, the lower the quality of the pizza going out the door. At Domino’s, it’s about crunching time with technology and never compromising quality, safety or the customer experience. Every second counts.   
As most of you know we are constantly looking at ways to make pizzas fresher and hotter for customers, reduce wait times and cook times and deliver our Slow where it matters, Fast where it counts philosophy. As we learnt at last year’s Rally, the core idea behind the philosophy is to ensure that staff are slow in taking the time to make the pizza correctly, spending time with the customers and providing excellent service but fast in the improved hustle and service times and streamline operational procedures to crunch seconds off the clock. This is made possible due to Domino’s time crunching technology developments – resulting in a three minute pick up order and delivery in 10 minutes. 
Along with recent innovations such as SMS Ordering, new Live Pizza Tracker, On Time Cooking, Zero Click and Project 3/10, slicing the time between pizzas coming out of the oven and getting to the customer has never been more important. Not only do our super-fast ovens cook pizzas perfectly in half the time, our advanced ordering system and skilled team guarantee it leaves the store as soon as it’s made rather than it waiting on a rack. But are we doing all we can to ensure our success now and in the future? 
From the past to the present – it’s important we understand where we have come to truly know where we are going. The opportunity to do this is at the 2017 DPANZ Rally. With an incredible line-up of guest speakers, the chance to hear from some of the most successful operators in the business, and Gala Dinner and Awards Night to top them all and the most intense Supreme Make Comp in history… it’s set to be our best Rally yet. We will celebrate, we will inspire and together we will learn how to combat one of the biggest enemies of our industry – time. 
It has never been a more exciting time to work at Domino’s so I recommend you make every second count and get your ticket to this year’s Rally – you won’t be disappointed. 
Your time is now! 
Don Meij
Group CEO & Managing Director