$2,200 (4 opportunities available)


The opportunity exists for your organisation to align its brand to a specific plenary session and build brand association. Only four plenary sessions will be available.

Once finalised, the program will be provided to enable sponsors to select the plenary that best suits their marketing objectives, in consultation with the FLPA Retreat Organisers.

Branding opportunities

  • A plenary session will be promoted within the official program as being sponsored by your organisation.
  • Your company logo, a 100-word profile and with a link to your company’s home page will be promoted on the Retreat website from the time the sponsorship agreement is signed (acknowledged as Plenary Session Sponsor).
  • Onsite branding (one freestanding banner) to be prominently displayed on the stage during your sponsored plenary session (to be supplied by the sponsor).
  • Acknowledgement on a PowerPoint slide to be shown at the opening and closing of the plenary session.
  • Acknowledgement as a Plenary Session Sponsor at the Retreat.
  • The two following opportunities:
    • provide marketing collateral at plenary session (subject to approval)
    • provide a promotional item (supplied and placed by the sponsor and subject to approval) on each delegate seat during your sponsored plenary session.
  • Sponsor ad-break slide displayed during the Retreat recess.

Complimentary benefits

  • Access to electronic delegate list (name, position and organisation) one week prior to the conference, and final delegate list at the conference (subject to delegate consent).


Note: any attendees from your organisation are to register via a webform provided by the Retreat Organisers (registration for attendees will be subject to availability).


Download sponsorship agreement form