Fiona McLay

Fiona has spent the past 25 years as a dispute resolution lawyer working across the legal industry in top tier, mid tier, small firm, a NewLaw firm and in-house. Currently working as a freelance lawyer, she has an insider’s view as to how firms across the industry are actually using (or not using) tech.

Long hours, inefficient processes and constant pressure to do more with less drove her to find ways to use tech to work more efficiently. With no budget, no IT support and (possibly because of) no innovation committee, she discovered how powerful a tech-enabled lawyer could be in litigation up against a much better resourced opponent. And with a significantly reduced risk of paper cuts.

She regularly presents to lawyers on how to adopt new ways of working. She is writing a book that is a practical guide on becoming a tech enabled lawyer in any law firm. It offers practical framework on how to get the most out of the tech you have and how to spot the tech you need.

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