Department of Planning Industry and Environment

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The NSW Government recognises that tree canopy, green spaces, and green cover can create healthier and more liveable communities. The government has set an ambitious target of delivering 40 per cent tree canopy coverage across Sydney by 2036. The Greening our City Premier’s Priority will see one million trees planted across Sydney by 2022, which will support our broader campaign to plant five million trees in Sydney by 2030. 

We’re taking action to partner with councils, industry and other organisations to support and increase tree planting activities throughout Sydney. We are also looking to redefine business-as-usual to improve retention of existing canopy and incentivise further tree plantings in priority areas of Sydney. 

The NSW Government is working collaboratively with industry and the community to deliver the ambitious target of planting one million trees and increasing green cover by 2022. Our stall will provide information about our program and the opportunity to register a tree.

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