About IHEA



The Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Australia (IHEA), is the relevant professional organisation for engineers and engineering facility managers employed in the private and public health care sectors, from the smallest to the largest facility, as well as consultants engaged in related work. This includes the Hospital Engineer, Health Facility Manager, Architect, Consulting Engineer, Builder, Contractor in the health care field, and all those engaged in Health Care Facilities Management.

Members have the opportunity to network with other professionals, share practical experiences and gain access to information on developing technologies. Eligibility for different membership levels depends on the applicant’s qualifications and relevant experience, from apprenticeship through to post-graduate degree.


  • To cultivate and maintain the highest possible standards of knowledge,skill, ethics and efficiency of those involved in the design, construction and maintenance of health care facilities.
  • To promote confidence between health care authorities and hospital engineers by ensuring that every person accepted into the Institute is fully qualified for their particular membership level.
  • To provide support and information to assist members in their professional capacities.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Institute means having access to increasing benefits over time. These benefits include:

  • Receipt of the Australian Hospital Engineer Journal (published quarterly).
  • Participation in branch professional development seminares and technical meetings.
  • Access to a wide range of seminars and conferences.
  • Access to courses in Hospital Engineering and Management.
  • Participation in national and international conferences.
  • Access to published papers and technical reports not readily available.
  • Opportunities to discuss topical issues with colleagues.
  • Opportunity to serve on specialist committees.
  • Access to global information through the ‘members only’ section of the Institute’s website.
  • Opportunity to represent the Institute on various external panels including Standards Australia committees.
  • Reduced rates for members’ hospitals participating in AssetMark.
  • Links to similar organisations in the pursuit of engineering excellence.

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