• Anthony Gualdi

    Anthony Gualdi

    Anthony is a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded and developed several businesses, primarily in the food and hospitality sector.

    Most recently Anthony is the Co-Founder of infant food company Bubs Australia Limited. Founded in Sydney in 2006, Bubs Australia produces Australian-made premium infant nutrition and dairy products. Bubs products are sold throughout Australia in Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, Costco and Big W, and are exported to China, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

    Anthony was instrumental in developing Bubs from start-up, to public company (ASX: BUB) with a market capitalization of $700 million. Anthony oversaw the company’s acquisition strategy that grew BUBS to be Australia’s leading producer of goat dairy products and the country’s only vertically integrated producer of goat milk infant formula. He also oversaw the product development that earned Bubs the coveted Food Challenge Award for ‘Best of the Best’, an award traditionally won by multi-national companies.

  • Chadden Hunter

    Chadden Hunter

    Dr. Chadden Hunter has spent a lifetime exploring the wildest corners of the world to bring us the most remarkable nature documentaries ever made.

    His stories backed up stunning multi-media, reveal the fascinating secrets to wildlife filmmaking, hair-raising encounters and the inspiration to lead teams and follow your dreams.
    Born in North Queensland, Chadden grew up surrounded by rainforest and coral reef, an immersion in nature that inspired his life journey.  He gained a First Class Honours degree in Zoology from the University of Queensland, then for his PhD embarked on a wild ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ adventure to study gelada baboons in the remote war-torn mountains of Ethiopia.  While dodging armed bandits and surviving brain parasites he learnt Amharic, the local language, and realised that to protect the natural world he’d need to reach a greater audience.
    After presenting a TV series for National Geographic, Chadden became convinced television was the most powerful tool for outreach and positive change. He often compares the viewers of his films to customers in other industries.  Describing how the skills of story-telling can move people into action, whether for education, motivation or inspiration.

    As a wildlife filmmaker Dr. Hunter has worked alongside Sir David Attenborough for over 20 years, documenting everything from snow leopards in Pakistan to tribal ceremonies in Africa.  On the BBC series Planet Earth he became known as 'the guy covered in bat poop', and whilst filming arctic wolves for Frozen Planet learnt that minus 40C was cold enough to freeze his eyes shut.  As a Divemaster he has worked alongside underwater crews around the world, exploring the issue of plastics in the ocean and how the ‘Blue Planet 2 Effect’ encouraged changes in corporate behaviour and global politics.

    Chadden has produced and directed some of the world’s most seminal nature documentaries.  Planet Earth 1 and 2, LIFE, Wild Arabia, Frozen Planet and Seven Worlds One Planet have won over 20 Bafta and Emmy awards.

    His anecdotes are as inspirational as they are entertaining.  Sometimes heart-breaking, often humorous, always riveting.  What does being chased by a grizzly bear teach us about leadership?  Can going barefoot in waste-deep crocodile-infested waters demonstrate the importance of team-building?

    Using a stunning multi-media presentation, including never-before scene footage from major BBC wildlife series, Chadden shares stories about achieving goals through perseverance, communicating with wider audiences, the importance of team building, and creative leadership.


  • Chris Rolls

    Chris Rolls

    An entrepreneur, investor and self-professed business geek, Chris has built and exited four businesses across four different industries.

    Chris’s career path has demonstrated his ability as both a founder and investor who can start, grow, invest in, and most importantly exit businesses across multiple industries. Three of these businesses (Rental Express, First Class Accounts and Scody Performance Wear) have become some of the largest of their kind in Australia.

    In his last business, Rental Express, Chris grew the company to become the largest privately owned property management business in Queensland, with over $2.4 billion of property under management. He sold Rental Express to BRW rich lister Paul Little in 2015.

    In 2016, Chris founded PieLAB Venture Partners, which invested in real estate related technology businesses. This has now become PieLAB, which invests in businesses with an eye on long-term growth.

    PieLAB assists owners of profitable, recurring revenue businesses grow their company over the long term with assistance from a panel of CEOs who provide advice, mentoring and support. 

  • Grace Tame

    Grace Tame

    After being groomed and raped by her maths teacher when she was just 15 years old, Grace Tame has spent the last 10 years turning her traumatic experience into being an advocate for survivors of child sexual abuse and a leader of positive change.

    Recognising the injustice of Tasmania’s gag order that prevented survivors from self-identifying publicly, Grace offered her story to the #LetHerSpeak campaign created by Nina Funnell, along with the stories of 16 other brave survivors. In 2019, she finally won a court order to speak our under her own name, making her the state’s first female child sexual abuse survivor to do so.

     Current work: 
    Now, 26 and based in Hobart, Grace is dedicated to eradicating child sexual abuse in Australia, and supporting the survivors of child sexual abuse.

    Her focus is around enabling survivors to tell their stories without shame, educating the public around the process and lasting effects of grooming and working with policy and decision-makers to ensure we have a federal legal system that supports the survivors, not just the perpetrators.

    She is also a passionate yoga teacher, visual artist, and champion long-distance runner, having won the 2020 Ross Marathon in a female course record time of 2:59:31.

    An open book about her experience, but even more passionate about preventing this from happening to other children, Grace speaks from the heart and will have her audience simultaneously inspired and in tears.

    She is a regular keynote speaker, media guest and advocacy commentator.

    Grace is the 2021 Australian of the Year.

  • Jacqui Bell

    Jacqui Bell

    Jacqui Bell, 26 years of age. Ultra Marathon Runner, Inspirational Speaker and Mental Health Ambassador. 


    Conquering 1000km’s across some of the harshest deserts and terrain in the world from the hottest desert in Africa to the Coldest in Antarctica. In 2019 she became The Youngest Person in History to run an Ultra Marathon on all 7 continents. Whilst completing this as a personal ambition Jacqui also raised over $25,000 for the White Cloud Foundation. Jacqui continues to step out of her comfort zone and leads by example through her actions in showing others that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

  • Joseph Healy

    Joseph Healy

    Joseph is the CEO of Judo Bank.  An experienced international banker, he has held executive positions at NAB, ANZ, CIBC World Markets, Citibank and Lloyds Bank. Joseph was an Adjunct Professor at University of Queensland Business School and has an MSc in Finance, MBA, MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies, MBA (Banking), MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health and MSc in International Management (China) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Kings College London, London Business School and University of Nottingham in China. He has authored three books and is a Fellow of FINSIA as well as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

  • Kirstin Ferguson

    Kirstin Ferguson

    As an award-winning and globally recognised leader, executive coach, company director, writer and speaker, Kirstin is one of Australia’s most prominent leadership experts, derived from her 30-year executive career in addition to her PhD in leadership and culture. Kirstin is also making a global impact, with UK-based Thinkers50 naming her one of the world’s top 30 “Thinkers to Watch” and she was shortlisted for the Distinguished Award in Leadership in 2021.

    Kirstin’s unique combination of skills and experience has driven her passion to inspire and educate all to lead from the head and the heart – because she believes everyone is a leader. Kirstin’s career includes over a decade of experience on a range of company boards, including a previous appointment by the Australian Prime Minister as Acting Chair and Deputy Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She’s also been the CEO of a global consulting company, a senior executive at a leading
    corporate law firm, and spent nearly 10 years as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.

    A passionate advocate for women, diversity, and inclusion, she’s responsible for sparking a viral social media campaign called #CelebratingWomen, and is the co-author of award-winning book, Women Kind. Her next book, Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership will be published by Penguin Random House.

    Kirstin is a sought-after executive coach and public speaker, sits on multiple boards and writes for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, answering the nation’s work, leadership and culture questions in her weekly column, Got A Minute? Kirstin is deeply committed to helping people become the best leaders they can be and helping them to leave a positive legacy in the world. Kirstin believes that while curiosity, wisdom, perspective, and capability will always be important; leading with humility, insight, courage and empathy is just as vital. Leading with the head and the heart is the art of modern leadership and is an ethos Kirstin embodies,
    and inspires others to live by, every day.

  • Mat Bowtell

    Mat Bowtell

    Mat Bowtell is the founder and CEO of Free 3D Hands, an Australian charity who designs and 3D prints hands and assistive devices. The hands are provided for free, to children and adults all around the world and they even pay the postage! Mat freely shares his designs under an open-source licence so others can make and repair their own devices and to encourage further innovation. Mat's goal is to significantly bring down the cost of assistive technology to help those who currently cannot access or afford it.

    Mat was working as an engineer for Toyota in Australia and Japan before being made redundant in 2017 when the automotive industry shut down. He had made one hand, for one kid, with one 3D printer whilst he was still employed. This grew to two printers on the dining table, then six in the spare room! It was not long after his final day at work that Mat was named the Australian of the Year – Vic Local Hero for 2018 and he then knew what he was going to do with his future. Mat and his very understanding wife Yuka worked for two years as volunteers, living off his redundancy payout, to design and 3D print hands for kids. He relocated with his family to his hometown of Phillip Island and was working out of a single car garage. In 2019 the opportunity arose to lease a factory and through generous support Mat was able to establish Free 3D Hands as registered charity in Australia. He has now made hundreds of hands and assistive devices for people all around the world. In October 2020 he released his new Kinetic Hand design under an open source licence and to date it has been downloaded over 4500* times! Mat is currently working on the development of a low-cost bionic arm which will be the equivalent of an approximately $60k arm....for under $60 in parts! There are over a billion people in the world who require some form of assistive technology and this number is set to double by 2030*. Currently only 1 in 10* people have access to the products they require. Mat believes that by openly sharing technology and ideas and by collaborating with others, more people will be able to access or afford the technology they need.

  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones

    Matt Jones is one of Australia’s leading strategists and storytellers when it comes to the intersections of brand, business, leadership, experience, culture, technology, human behaviour and storytelling.

    Matt has an eclectic background, combining economics, politics, brand experience and gin.

    As one of three co-founders, and the brand brains behind Four Pillars, Matt Jones connects the dots between brand and purpose theory and gritty business and delivery reality..

    He works in, speaks about, and connects the dots, between all of the above areas and is a former panelist on The Gruen Transfer.

    In December 2013, he was one of three founders to launch Four Pillars Gin which quickly went on to be the number one selling craft spirit in Australia. Four Pillars Gin is an overnight small business success story five years in the making.    

  • PieLAB


    It's raining money!   

    How to access the billions of dollars of debt and equity that are being handed out at unprecedented levels globally, so you have the capital you need to grow your business.

    Despite the fact that globally, capital available for business investment is at an all time high, for many SME's getting access to it still remains difficult. In this thought provoking presentation Chris Rolls Managing Partner at private equity investor PieLAB will lead a panel of Australia's leading experts in a discussion on how to access both debt and equity capital for your business. Starting with an overview of exactly what public and private equity and public and private debt are, Chris will be joined for a panel discussion by founder and CEO of ASX listed Judo Bank Joseph Healy, founder of ASX listed Bubs Australia Ltd, Anthony Gualdi, and Australian Private Equity Lawyer of the Year Tim Sayer.

    During the panel discussion, Joseph Healy will share his story of how he beat the banks at their own game creating a $2 billion Bank that specialises in lending to SME's. You'll hear from private equity lawyer and former CEO of private equity backed Riviera Marine on what it's like to be a CEO working with private equity as well as what to look out for when taking investment from a private equity firm. Finally you'll hear the extraordinary story of Anthony Gualdi and how he went from a back yard kitchen, through the process of raising capital from professional investors including Alibaba Founder Jack Ma before listing Bubs Australia on the ASX.

    Chris Rolls, Managing Partner - PieLAB
    Jospeh Healy, founder and CEO of ASX listed Judo Bank
    Anthony Gualdi, founder of ASX listed Bubs Australia Ltd
    Tim Sayer, Principal, Talbot Sayer


  • Sarah Davidson

    Sarah Davidson

    Sarah began her working life as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading international law firm. While she enjoyed several years building strong professional foundations, she found it increasingly challenging to reconcile the all-consuming corporate lifestyle with her personal passions for health, wellbeing, creativity and adventure. In pursuit of balance, Sarah and her partner started Matcha Maiden closing a gap they discovered in the health food market for matcha green tea powder. Matcha is now one of the world's premier health food trends and Matcha Maiden is leading the way with a very bright (green) future ahead.

    Sarah has now hung up the suits and heels to step into the business full time. In 2016, the matcha mission developed into a physical venue and cutting edge cafe, Matcha Mylkbar, which is taking the food world by storm. Sarah now splits her time between the two businesses and is thoroughly enjoying life as a full time funtrepreneur. She has also started a podcast, Seize the Yay, which investigates the difference between success and happiness, the importance of cultivating "joy" and showcases the down to earth, human side of her diverse and esteemed guests

  • Tim Sayer

    Tim Sayer

    Tim is the co-founder of Talbot Sayer which is a 40 lawyer boutique corporate and commercial law firm based in Brisbane.  In 2021 Talbot Sayer ranked first in Australia and New Zealand in the Redefinitiv M&A league tables for deals up to $500m with 127 qualifying deals. Tim has been ranked as one of three preeminent Queensland corporate lawyers in the last six editions of the Doyle’s guide to the Australian legal profession and was named Private Equity Lawyer of the Year in the 2021 edition of ‘The Best Lawyers in Australia’.  

    Tim has a focus on mergers and acquisitions, equity capital market transactions and private company investment.  He has acted for a number of leading private equity firms on management buy-outs and expansion capital deals as well as advising many founders and corporates on sell-side transactions.  Tim’s own industry experience as a former executive in a private equity owned business as a member of a number of advisory boards provides a valuable insight into the issues faced by founders.