Speaker Presentations

Please find below the presentations available for download. Please be aware that only those presentations where the presenter has provided consent to publish are provided below.

WEDNESDAY 11 october 2017

Masterclass Workshop: Bridging the Gap to AS4187

The European Perspective
Allard van Beek, Miele Australia

Steam Requirements for AS4187
Graeme Harley, Spirax Sarco

Water Quality Requirements on AS4187
Robin Burgess, Getinge

Measure Your Gap to AS4187 Compliance
Trish Seagrove, Sterilisation Practitioner


thursday 12 OCTOBER 2017

Beyond compliance: meeting the indoor environmental needs of the occupants in hospital

Prachi Garnawat, RMIT University

Epworth Hospital Richmond: making the spectacular safe and easy to maintain
Carl Sachs, Workplace Access & Safety

How can this happen to me?
Mark Hooper, ECHUCA Regional Health

Regulatory Compliance of Healthcare Facilities
Cameron Milne, Amec Foster Wheeler

The implications of the Climate Change Act 2017 on the health and human services sector
Tiernan Humphrys, Department of Health and Human Services

Infection Prevention and Workplace Safety in Operating Rooms by Airborne Particles and
Bacteria Dictate Changes in Existing Standards

Rupert Mack, Weiss Klimatechnik GmbHJ

Modern asset management thinking applied to hospital facilities
David Wiley, AMCL

Friday 13 OCTOBER 2017

Developing a Water Quality Risk Management Plan
Sarah Bailey, QED Environmental Services

Meeting compliance and minimizing the risk of further waterborne pathogen related outbreaks
in Australian hospitals

Morten Schnoor, Pall Water

Non-Compliance and Hospital Acquired Infection: Using Design Methodologies to Improve
Hand Hygiene Practices

Kieran John & Donald Campbell, Monash University

Common Approach for Asset Management and Statutory Obligations
Seyed Safi, Covaris