Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Louise Mahler

    Dr Louise Mahler

    Dr Louise Mahler inspires and enlightens audiences around the world with her ground breaking keynote presentations. She is a communication specialist and a proven performer in moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique perspective focusing on the unsung wisdom of voice.

    Louise will help unlock your confidence and have your voice heard! Whether you're struggling to make your point in a work meeting, or when giving presentations at work or talking to the media, whether you're going for the next big job or trying to improve your performance in the one you have, or even if you just want better ways to communicate with your colleagues, friends or family and the people you love, Louise will show you how to tune into your own vocal psyche, identify the physical and mental blocks that are holding you back, and let you take back ownership of your authenticity.

    With her practical exercises, inspiring real-life stories and insightful tips, she will unlock your confidence and teach you how to make your message resonate.

    Most people ignore voice altogether and others see it simply as a manipulable tool for persuasive communication. From Louise's unique perspective she sees voice as a much richer and more complex creative tool for effective personal and professional development and even a source of deeper organisational understanding and cultural awareness.

    As a translator between these fields Louise sees it as her challenge to make this information as accessible as possible. She does it with a sense of humour and a focus on highly participative activities to help others along their palpable journey of transformational change.

    Dr Mahler’s award-winning PhD brings together the mind, body and voice connection as a guiding light for leaders and managers. Her discoveries can be applied to leadership, communication and customer relationships.

    Her signature topics can be delivered in 60 to 180 minute presentations and practical components can be added to each topic for a more in-depth half to three-day training workshops. Louise is a sought-after expert on national television to diagnose and comment on politicians, Olympic sportsmen and is a regular speaker on business communication.

    There are two parts to Louise's life that lead her to become a translator between the creative world of the performing arts and business: One is her experience in opera, where Louise trained in Queensland and then spent nine years in Europe singing, most notably at the Aldeburgh and Salzburg festivals and fulfilling a two-year soloist’s contract at the Vienna State Opera. The other part is her passion for people and learning, in organisations. That journey has taken her from a PhD, Degree in Economics, Master of Applied Management in Service Management and Innovation and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming to time in BHP in Quality Management and many years of training in organisational development all over Australia. Her award-winning PhD brought these two passions together in a study she has named ‘Vocal Intelligence’ and can be applied to presence, presentation, personal development and healing.

    Her book, Resonate, was released in 2015 and provides readers with all those tips, tricks and practical exercises Louise shares with her audiences.


  • Professor David Hood AM

    Professor David Hood AM

    Professor David Hood AM is a civil and environmental engineer with vast experience across major civil and military projects, professional development in emerging economies, senior management in both the public and private sectors and in education.

    Following a successful career in project management David took over and commissioned Australia’s then New Parliament House in the mid 1980s.  Since that project, David has become increasingly involved in fostering a culture of sustainability across all engineering disciplines, and the built environment.

    David is an Adjunct Professor in the Science and Engineering Faculty at QUT where he inculcates sustainability across education and research.  In 2006, he initiated, and was Founding Chairman until 2011 of the Australian Green Infrastructure Council (now ISCA), which developed the world’s first full sustainability rating scheme for infrastructure.

    David is an accredited Presenter with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, and in August 2011, David was included in the ABC Carbon list of the top 100 Sustainability leaders in the world (and every year since).

    David was the 2012 National President of Engineers Australia (EA). In 2013 David was made an Honorary Fellow of EA.

    On Australia Day 2013, David was made a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his enormous contribution to engineering through industry associations, and for lifting public awareness of sustainability.

    In addition, David now Chairs an environmental charity, The Long Future Foundation, is Deputy Chairman of Beyond Zero Emissions and is a QLD Councilor of the Australian Conservation Foundation.


Masterclass Workshop Presenters

  • Allard van Beek - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Allard van Beek

    Allard van Beek
    National Sales Manager - Medical, Miele Australia

    Allard van Beek is Miele Professional Australia and New Zealand National Sales Manager Medical and has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. He has worked for 10 years, with Miele Professional in Netherlands, and delivered the first complete Miele CSSD in the world to Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. He has various Commercial and Economic qualifications and has an excellent understanding of the European models of Sterilisation & Infection Control.

  • Andrew Gay - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Andrew Gay

    Andrew Gay
    Director, Sterilizer Validation Australia

    Andrew has been working within the Health Sector for the past 30 years and has delivered high quality outcomes for both the private and public sectors through innovative CSSD capacity studies and department design, Engineering services design, equipment specification and process validation. Andrew represents the Institute of Hospital Engineering on Standards Development Committees at a national level for the Australian Standards of:  HE023 (Processing of Medical and Surgical Instruments), and he currently represents the NSO as a member of three working groups of the ISO Technical Committee 198.

  • Graeme Harley - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Graeme Harley

    Graeme Harley
    General Industries Manager, Spirax Sarco

    Graeme has worked with steam systems since 1986 and began his career with Spirax Sarco in the service department in 1999. He has worked in service & sales providing technical support to customers and as a Sales Team Leader. In 2013 he was appointed as the South Australia and Northern Territory Manager and also National Services Manager. In 2015 Graeme was appointed as Victorian manager and recently appointed as Spirax Sarco National Healthcare and Pharma business manager. In his time with Spirax Sarco he has been involved with all facets of the business from service to major project design and has worked in all industries in which steam is involved.

  • Robin Burgess

    Robin Burgess
    Regional Account Manager, Getinge

    Robin has been working with Chemical and Mechanical water solutions for the past 10 years. His experience is in reprocessing RMD’s within Sterilisation Departments throughout Hospitals, Clinics, Day Surgeries, Dental, Research and Pharmaceutical facilitates in Australia. He has also worked with the New Zealand Antarctic Program (Scott Base) where desalination was the only source of Potable Water.
    Robin has completed and is Certified by NATA approved Laboratory for Aseptic Water Analysis Sampling.
    Previous experience has seen Robin working as an Institutional representative assisting customers with compliance for Linen Reprocessing Standards, Food Safety Standards and Housekeeping Standards on Cruise Ships, Naval Ships, Hotels and Catering Facilities. In addition he has developed and Implemented manuals for compliance with ASNZ Food Standards and HACCP Management Plans during his career as a London City and Guilds Certified Chef.

  • Sean Boston

    Sean Boston
    Chief Executive Officer, Atherton

    Sean has been Atherton’s CEO since June 2011, prior to that he was Atherton’s Technology Development Manager a role he started in July 2002. A mechanical engineer with over 25 years engineering experience Sean is a passionate supporter of Australian Manufacturing and is a firm believer Australians are the most industrious and innovative people in the world. “I am extremely proud to be the CEO of an Australian Manufacturing Icon: A.E. Atherton & Sons Pty Ltd a 128 year old family owned company”.

  • Trish Seagrove

    Trish Seagrove
    Sterilisation Practitioner

    Trish is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Health Sciences Nursing, a Cert Perioperative Nursing, Cert Sterilization Services; Cert Financial Management Nursing; Cert IV Training and Assessment and is currently a student at Anglia Ruskin University in her last year of a degree in Decontamination Sciences.

    Trish has many years’ experience in healthcare delivery as a clinical nurse specialist in operating theatres located in rural, regional and city centers. Recently Trish undertook a management role in CSSD and participated in the early stages of the redevelopment of that CSSD. Trish has a clear understanding of the governances surrounding sterilizing service applied practices and its associated industries.

    Trish is a member of the Sterilizing Research and Advisory Council of Australia and received an education scholarship for her paper discussing the collaborative organisational approach to introducing the CHRISP® sterilizing services Standard Operating Procedures into the CSSD workplace. Trish is passionate about patient safety and quality assurance and has undertaken her most recent studies with the aim of developing strategies designed to improve the application of these to the workplace practices in the sterilizing services environment.

ANZEX Delegate Presentations

  • Jon Gowdy

    Jon Gowdy
    Director Capital Assets Property and Engineering, Sydney Local Health District

    Jon has worked within the Health Facility Management Sector for 25 years starting in electrical maintenance at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, he has  had a broad range of technical and management experience within this area including the implementation of computerised maintenance management systems, management of capital projects, strategic planning and executive level management of healthcare assets and facilities.

    Jon is currently completing an MBA in health management, holds graduate certificates in Facility Management and WHS and has trade qualifications in   electrical technology and air conditioning .

    He is a member of NSW / ACT IHEA and is the current branch president. 

  • Warren Crawley

    Warren Crawley
    Technical Services Engineer - Palmerston North Hospital, MidCentral District Health Board, NZ

    Warren worked within the Health Engineering Sector for 25 years starting in the electrical engineering discipline through to his current role involving asset management and project planning.  In addition to his role in health engineering work he has worked on the frontline of health delivery with the Ambulance Service for 24 years in both volunteer and full time roles, half of that time as a Paramedic and trainer.  It included frontline work following the Christchurch Earthquake of 22 February 2011 where the collapse of structures played a key role in the devastation.  This experience prompted and interest in the compliance of ageing structures and infrastructure with respect to fire systems and building structural integrity. 

    Warren holds a Master of Technology in Energy Management with a particular focus on energy management, remote renewable energy power systems and climate science.  He is a member of the NZIHE executive, a board member of the Engineering Associates Registration Board and a member of three Joint Standards Committees.  


  • Andrew Gay - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Andrew Gay

    Andrew Gay
    Director, Sterilizer Validation Australia

    Andrew has been working within the Health Sector for the past 30 years and has delivered high quality outcomes for both the private and public sectors through innovative CSSD department design, Engineering services design, equipment specification and process validation. Andrew represents the Institute of Hospital Engineering on Standards Development Committees at a national level for the Australian Standards of: HE023 (Processing of Medical and Surgical Instruments), and he currently represents the NSO as a member of three working groups of the ISO Technical Committee 198.

  • Brett Cole

    Brett Cole
    Managing Director, Biosafety

    Brett Cole has been working in contamination control in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Commercial and Food/Beverage Market for over 20 years. His formal qualifications are in Environmental Microbiology & Chemistry and later in Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology. His experience has been in Academic microbiological research, Medical devices for High Level Disinfection, Engineering controls for contamination abatement, materials handling, infectious and contaminated waste and facility microbial testing, decontamination and remediation. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia Pacific on many contamination projects from Beta-lactam site remediation, Animal Facility Infection, Clean-in-Process decontamination, Mould Infestation, Biological Contaminated Site decontamination. 
    Brett works with many Food & Beverage companies, Building and HVAC Managers, Government Departments (DHHS, OGTR, DAWR and DPI), Healthcare Services and Universities on Occupational hygiene and contamination projects. He is an active member on the Biosafety Association of Australia and New Zealand and has presented many papers and posters on contamination control in various environments. 


  • Cameron Milne

    Cameron Milne
    Senior Process Engineer, Amec Foster Wheeler

    Cameron is a Senior Process Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and advanced education sectors. He has been involved in the design and delivery of complex healthcare facilities and has extensive compliance experience with highly regulated areas involving the verification of processes and systems to a wide range of regulators including TGA, Department of Agriculture & Water Resources (formerly AQIS), OGTR, NATA, NPAAC and state pharmacy authorities such as the Victoria Pharmacy Authority and Pharmacy Regulation Authority SA.

  • Carl Sachs

    Carl Sachs
    Managing Director, Workplace Access & Safety

    Carl Sachs is the managing director and falls prevention specialist at Workplace Access & Safety, and takes an active role in the development of fall prevention standards. Mr Sachs was a member of the committee responsible for AS 1657 - 2013: Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation. Also a member of the Standards Australia committee for AS/NZS 1891 (fall arrests systems and devices) and AS/NZS 5532 (anchor points), Mr Sachs was involved in drafting the recently released standards. Mr Sachs is a registered and licensed commercial builder in all Australian states, providing government and corporate clients with a holistic approach to fall prevention from consultation to construction and installation. Mr Sachs’ business is independently accredited by NATA™ for the testing of AS 1657 equipment (Ladders, stairs and guard railing) and AS/NZS 5532 safety anchorage points. Workplace Access & Safety manufactures and distributes the Defender™ brand of equipment.

  • David Oakeshott

    David Oakeshott
    Leader Technical Advice - QLD, A.G. Coombs Advisory

    David has managed diverse technical teams within large contracting and service organisations, and has been involved in our industry since 1993. Applying his extensive experience in working with building services in commercial buildings, hospitals, defence, education facilities, shopping centres and mining/ gas projects he provides practical and trusted advice to improve management, occupant, and commercial outcomes in facilities. In delivering technical guidance to building owners, construction teams and facility and property managers, David has earned a reputation for developing highly valued and long term relationships with clients. With an appetite for understanding and resolving complex technical systems, David works to make assets work correctly and efficiently.

  • David Wiley

    David Wiley
    Delivery Manager, AMCL

    David began his career as an engineer in the manufacturing sector. Having spent over 10 years in maintenance and operations within the whitegoods, automotive and printing industries, David developed a passion for improving the performance achieved from managing physical assets. David has spent the last 11 years consulting to asset intensive organisations across the globe, helping them better manage cost, reduce risk and increase performance, and loves to share his knowledge with people with similar interests.

  • Donald Campbell

    Donald Campbell
    Professor of Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University

    Don Campbell is Professor of Medicine at Monash University and General Medicine Service Director and Medical Lead for Community Medicine at a major Melbourne metropolitan health service.  Don is Immediate Past President of the Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand, a member of Council of the Adult Division of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and was inaugural leader of the Discipline of Healthcare Innovation by Design for Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre. He is a founding member of a national collaborative (cumberland.au), to promote the application of Operations Research, Modelling, Systems Thinking and Design Thinking to healthcare. His research interests are devoted to furthering the role of design in innovation in healthcare delivery including hand hygiene as an exemplar, and creating the Hospital Without Walls. He recently acted as Medical Counsel assisting the Hazelwood Mine Fire Board of Inquiry, and is a Board member of the Asthma Foundation Victoria.

  • Kieran John

    Kieran John
    Project Officer, Monash University

    Kieran John (BID (hons), MBA) is currently a Project Officer in design and research with a focus on design for health and medtech at Monash University. His research covers a wide range of areas including bionic vision, transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS), chronic pain management, microlarygeal surgery and infection control in healthcare.

  • Mark Hooper

    Mark Hooper
    Executive Project Manager, Echuca Regional Health

    Executive Project Manager at Echuca Regional Health since May 2004, Mark has over 20 years’ experience in engineering and infrastructure management.  Mark has provided engineering expertise to the board and executive for over 13 years and has overseen the Hospital capital redevelopment requirements from Master Planning through to construction.   Marks role has involved engagement with the Department of Health and Human Services and external consultants as well as the local community and staff and patients at ERH.
    Since 2004 the campus has overseen 80% redevelopment including Aged Care, Operating Theatres and most recently the $66M redevelopment completed in 2015. Mark is passionate about sustainability and enjoys challenging conventional wisdom.  He is particularly proud that  Echuca Regional Health is home to two of the world’s largest solar chiller systems installed at a hospital.  Both systems were commissioned by the Hospital engineering team.

  • Morten Schnoor

    Morten Schnoor
    Business Development Manager, Pall Water

    Morten Schnoor, Business Development Manager in Australia and New Zealand for Pall Water, has more than 11 years in the water and water treatment technology industry, and has served in the manufacturing space for more than 23 years. Morten specializes in process systems and services, where he acts as the main contact for clients within the powergen, coal steam gen and water treatment markets. Prior to Pall Corp., Morten served as production supervisor before becoming the technical sales rep of water well and coal seam gas for Bilfinger Water Technologies. Morten has successfully owned and sold two separate companies, Glerup Solutions, a business that optimized production lines for small to medium production companies, and JOHA Manufacturing A/S, a metal parts production and shop fitting company.

  • Prachi Garnawat - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Prachi Garnawat

    Prachi Garnawat
    PhD Student, RMIT University

    Prachi is an innovative and self-driven sustainability consultant with a keen interest in indoor environments of buildings. Currently, she is a Ph.D. student at RMIT University's school of Property, Construction and Project Management. Her research aims to improve the indoor environmental quality of healthcare facilities in Victoria.

  • Rafx Hamilton - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Rafx Hamilton

    Rafx Hamilton
    Engineering Services Manager, Cabrini Health

    Rafx Hamilton is the Engineering Services Manager for Cabrini Engineering.

  • Rupert Mack

    Rupert Mack
    Head of Sales, Weiss Klimatechnik GmbHJ

    Employed by Weiss Klimatechnik, Germany, since 1986, Authorized Representative and Director mediclean. mediclean (air-conditioning of hygiene applications) has got experience of more than 40 years and 9,000 installations worldwide. Rupert Mack studied at the Technical College of THM Giessen. With Weiss Klimatechnik he worked as a sales, marketing and product manager. He is member of the working groups German DIN 1946-4, European CEN/TC 156/WG18 and German Healthcare Export Group (GHE).

  • Sarah Bailey - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Sarah Bailey

    Sarah Bailey
    Senior Consultant, QED Environmental Services

    I am originally from the UK where I worked as a microbiologist for many years, and I was the Legionella Control Officer for a private hospital. I have also been a part of several Infection Prevention and Control teams within the hospitals I have worked in. With my move to QED Environmental Services, I now apply that microbiological knowledge to our work in indoor air quality in hospitals, with cooling towers, water quality risk management plans and with our other various investigations such as mould and other health issues within buildings.

  • Seyed Safi

    Seyed Safi
    Principal, Covaris

    Safi is a Principal of Covaris with responsibility for all services associated with asset life cycle processes including asset management plans, maintenance and reliability. He has delivered maintenance systems to a wide range of organisations covering facilities, manufacturing and utilities. In current work, he provides expert advice to NSW Department of Health, Health Infrastructure, on Asset Refurbishment and Replacement Program and development of preventive maintenance for multiple public hospitals at two NSW Local Health Districts.

  • Tiernan Humphrys - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Tiernan Humphrys

    Tiernan Humphrys
    Manager Environmental Sustainability, Department of Health and Human Services

    Tiernan studied environmental management and town planning for 9 years in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and England, winning awards at both the University of Aberdeen and University of the West of England. Since 2008 he has been Manager Environmental Sustainability at the Department of Health & Human Services where he is responsible for providing sustainability leadership to the state’s 87 public health services. In 2015 his team received the inaugural Institute of Public Administration Australia (Victoria) Leadership in Sustainability Award and for the last three years his contribution to sustainability has been recognised through judging the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Award. In 2016 he was awarded a scholarship from Yale University to attend their inaugural Sustainability Leadership Forum.

  • Tony Stokes

    Tony Stokes
    Director, Stokes Safety

    Tony Stokes is an experienced building surveyor and director for Stokes Safety.