Dr Louise Mahler

Dr Louise Mahler inspires and enlightens audiences around the world with her ground breaking keynote presentations. She is a communication specialist and a proven performer in moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique perspective focusing on the unsung wisdom of voice.

Louise will help unlock your confidence and have your voice heard! Whether you're struggling to make your point in a work meeting, or when giving presentations at work or talking to the media, whether you're going for the next big job or trying to improve your performance in the one you have, or even if you just want better ways to communicate with your colleagues, friends or family and the people you love, Louise will show you how to tune into your own vocal psyche, identify the physical and mental blocks that are holding you back, and let you take back ownership of your authenticity.

With her practical exercises, inspiring real-life stories and insightful tips, she will unlock your confidence and teach you how to make your message resonate.

Most people ignore voice altogether and others see it simply as a manipulable tool for persuasive communication. From Louise's unique perspective she sees voice as a much richer and more complex creative tool for effective personal and professional development and even a source of deeper organisational understanding and cultural awareness.

As a translator between these fields Louise sees it as her challenge to make this information as accessible as possible. She does it with a sense of humour and a focus on highly participative activities to help others along their palpable journey of transformational change.

Dr Mahler’s award-winning PhD brings together the mind, body and voice connection as a guiding light for leaders and managers. Her discoveries can be applied to leadership, communication and customer relationships.

Her signature topics can be delivered in 60 to 180 minute presentations and practical components can be added to each topic for a more in-depth half to three-day training workshops. Louise is a sought-after expert on national television to diagnose and comment on politicians, Olympic sportsmen and is a regular speaker on business communication.

There are two parts to Louise's life that lead her to become a translator between the creative world of the performing arts and business: One is her experience in opera, where Louise trained in Queensland and then spent nine years in Europe singing, most notably at the Aldeburgh and Salzburg festivals and fulfilling a two-year soloist’s contract at the Vienna State Opera. The other part is her passion for people and learning, in organisations. That journey has taken her from a PhD, Degree in Economics, Master of Applied Management in Service Management and Innovation and a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming to time in BHP in Quality Management and many years of training in organisational development all over Australia. Her award-winning PhD brought these two passions together in a study she has named ‘Vocal Intelligence’ and can be applied to presence, presentation, personal development and healing.

Her book, Resonate, was released in 2015 and provides readers with all those tips, tricks and practical exercises Louise shares with her audiences.


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