Compliance Management on a National Platform: 
The Australian fire safety industry is an ever changing landscape, with each State and Territory evolving, and improving processes to ensure a safer environment for building occupants, public and emergency services. AESC are an experienced, capable, dedicated team of professionals who have carried out extensive work in the healthcare property sector. 

Some of our health industry clients include: 

  • Queensland Health  (25 Hospitals  & additional medical centres) 
  • The Alfred Hospital 
  • Casey Hospital 
  • Frankston Hospital 
  • Maryborough District Hospital 
  • St Lukes Private Hospital 
  • War Memorial Hospital 
  • Waratah Private Hospital 
  • North West Health  
  • Healthcare Property Group 
  • Regis Aged Care
  • Retire Australia 

We provide the following services within the health sector: 

  • ESM Compliance Management
  • Property Risk Assessments 
  • Contractor and Incident Management
  • Height Safety Audits, Certification & Design 
  • Full Function Fire Tests 
  • Maintenance Tracking 
  • 24/7 Building Operational Help Desk 
  • Asbestos Audits and Removal 
  • Evacuation Plans 

Best Placed to Achieve Quality Outcomes:
AESC provides a consistent and coordinated approach across all buildings and portfolios .  This is demonstrated by the following benefits;

  • Experience & Focus
  • Proven Quality Outcomes
  • Innovation
  • Dedicated to Customer Service 

AESC are proudly customer focussed – We aim to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of all key stakeholders. We understand that change can be difficult, so we endeavour to regularly meet with all site personnel and review the scope and key deliverables and also assess any processes that may be in place so we are able to involve all personnel in the process.

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