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The Call for Abstracts is now open!




IHEA 2021 invites abstract submissions from delegates who have an interest in Healthcare Engineering and Facilities Management. The IHEA offers authors the opportunity to share their vision and experience on topics that align with the conference theme 21st Century Healthcare Engineering.


This year’s theme is Healthcare Engineering in the 21st Century – New Frontiers 


In 2020, the world realised just how vulnerable the human experience is to mother nature. The risk of a pandemic threatening the population had been predicted by experts for decades and just about every form of media has called for action against global warming, the consumption of our finite resources and the rising extinction rate of our fauna.


Yet, as we journey towards 2025 another challenge has risen. Increasingly, every aspect of our lives is touched by an avalanche of technology. Whether it is with Siri, your Fitbit Watch or your Building Management System, Healthcare Facility Managers must interact with algorithms of one kind or another.


The systems that drive the information evolution are gaining intelligence at an alarming rate. Machines have already attained a level of sophistication that matches and, in some cases, exceeds human capabilities. The era of smart machines is here.


This conference aims to give delegates an insight into the developing trends in the technological and biological challenges that may impact on how we deliver Healthcare Facility Management Services into the 21st Century.


Healthcare is one of the leaders in the development of new technologies and is at the fore front in countering biological threats so, are we ignoring the warning signs? Are we being complacent?


What we did yesterday is different to what we do today and who knows what we will need to do tomorrow?


It is essential that those who work in Healthcare Engineering and Facility Management in Australia be focussed on where we are heading and remain in control of how to incorporate these changes into all facets of our lives.


There is a wealth of information waiting to be shared, this is your opportunity to tell your colleagues of your experiences.


 All IHEA members who are selected to present will be offered a complimentary registration for the conference. Prizes will be awarded for the best paper presented by an IHEA member as judged by the conference technical committee.


Non-member speakers will receive a discounted registration rate.




  • Reinventing yourself – how to avoid becoming irrelevant, What new things do we have to know?
  • Analog verses digital. (old wisdom versus new ideas)
  • Converting Data into Wisdom. Changing the way we learn
  • Data is the new currency – The power of information and the internet.
  • Cyborgs – Are you connected to the internet of things?
  • Cyber Security – Just how safe are you and just who is watching, listening, and learning.
  • Smart Machines, Smart Systems, Smart Tools – A perspective on artificial intelligence.
  • Brave new world – new laws for a new world – just how do you sue a computer.
  • Pandemic report card – How did we do? Where to now? What could be around the corner?
  • Infection control in Facilities – How do we keep people safe?
  • Global warming and sustainability – is it real? Are we being reckless with our children’s future?
  • Electrical Power the new gold – Is electrical power as green as they make out? How would we survive in a true blackout?


Presentations may be made in one of the following modes:

  • Oral Presentation (20 minutes)
  • Oral Presentation (30 minutes)

The final decision will be determined by the Organising Committee.



  • Title should be a maximum of 150 characters in length


  • Enter name/s of author/s on form
  • Check the box for those authors who are presenting
  • Each author needs to be listed separately 
  • Include professional titles (e.g. Dr, Prof) when entering the author/presenter names


  • The online form will not keep any formatting you have created from a Word document; simply enter your abstract into the content box provided
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 200 words written in the English language 
  • Do not leave blank lines between paragraphs 
  • Use standard abbreviations only
  • Do not use abbreviations in the title


  • Accepted presenters must register and pay for the conference by the date indicated by the event organisers or their presentation will be removed from the program.
  • Accepted oral presenters are required to submit a full paper according to IHEA's guidelines. Details will be provided to accepted authors.
  • Accepted oral presentation abstracts will be made available online.
  • Presentation slides are requested in advance, but not enforced – speakers can provide them on the day to the Iceberg Events' staff at the registration desk.
  • Presentation slides (in pdf form) may be shared with conference attendees online after the event subject to author consent.

If you have any issues with submitting your abstract, please contact the Conference Organisers, 


Call for abstract closes: Friday 11 June 2021
Notification to authors of abstract outcome: Week commencing 21 June, 2021
Deadline for speaker confirmation and registration: 30 June, 2021
Program announced: July 2021
IHEA HFMC Conference: 13 - 15 September 2021