Marlene Longbottom

Research Fellow, Indigenous Health, Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong

Ms Longbottom is from Roseby Park mission (Jerrinja) a former government reserve established in 1902 as part of the NSW Aboriginal Protection Act. She is from the Yuin Nation of the Dharawal and Dhurga language groups of the South Coast of New South Wales. Her research background has been implementing community based participatory research through critical Indigenous feminism and more recently, critical race theory and intersectionality as it applies to Aboriginal Australians. Her area of interest includes violence and trauma in Indigenous communities, gendered studies, public health, race, political studies and critical Indigenous research methodologies. Prior to moving into the research and university sector Marlene was employed in numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in urban, rural and remote settings in Australia providing direct service delivery in health and human services. This has provided her with an extensive experience of working with Indigenous Australian communities, translating complex health, policy and research information, to ensure Indigenous communities are active participants of the research process. Her approach to research is one of enacting social justice and bringing forth the voices of populations where they may otherwise be silenced. Marlene’s PhD is seeking to understand Aboriginal women’s experiences of interpersonal violence and the support mechanisms available in the Shoalhaven, in partnership with Waminda South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Service Aboriginal Corporation. As an early career academic, Marlene has published in international and Australian journals, successfully obtained research and program grants. From November to December 2016, Marlene was invited to attend Purdue University as a Visiting Scholar with the African American Studies and Research Centre based within the College of Liberal Arts. Marlene brings with her a large network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers both nationally and internationally.

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