Poster session (Friday 8 December)

The below posters will be presented on Friday 8 December from 2.00pm - 3.20pm. Subject to change. 

  1. Investigating music-evoked autobiographical memories in people with dementia Riza Veloso and Emery Schubert
  2. Can exploration of the underlying processes of music and singing inform approaches to music making in community mental health contexts? Leah Cotterell
  3. Stroke SURVIVORS who are stroke SURVIVING: using music to maintain upper limb function post discharge Tanya Silveira
  4. Distinctive melodic features predict recognition of whole melodies Miriam Rainsford, Matthew Palmer and James Sauer
  5. Live versus recorded music: Pain, anxiety, immune function and salivary biomarkers Ronniet Orlando, Craig Speelman, Anne Wilkinson and Veer Gupta
  6. Music medicine and music therapy: Addressing cardiac recovery and rehabilitation needs Alison Short
  7. Investigating the nature and nurture of singing ability using a twin study Yi Ting Tan
  8. I am becoming my own song: Abjection and identity in Milton Babbitt’s 1964 cantata, "Philomel" Kylie Constantine
  9. Brain activities during listening to ambiguous melodies revealed in fMRI Mutsuki Kusano, Iku Nemoto and Masaki Kawakatsu
  10. A new approach to vocal timbre analysis demonstrated through Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” Kristal Spreadborough
  11. Improvising a way forward: Performance, collaboration and the psychology of making things happens Nicole Canham and Karlin Love
  12. Generating expressive body movements in contemporary solo flute performance Simone Maurer, Jane Davidson and Amanda Krause
  13. Developing a holistic approach to singing practice, using principles of hatha yoga Sarah Collyer
  14. Choral singers' preferences for expressive priming techniques Shawn Michael Condon
  15. Embodying Complexity: Singers' Experiences in Choral Aleatorism Daniel Galbreath
  16. Understanding music listeners’ favourite formats Amanda Krause & Steven Brown