South West NRM

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South West Natural Resource Management (South West NRM) is a community based organization dedicated to building a healthy, sustainable, attractive and profitable South West Queensland through the effective management of our natural resources. The South West NRM region covers an area of approximately 187,000 square kilometres and is home to approximately 10,000 people, many of whom live on agricultural properties. South West NRM is based in the small, rural town of Charleville, 700km west of Brisbane. We have a staff of 10 and a Board of Directors with representatives from Local Government, Community, Industry, Indigenous and Conservation groups.

SWNRM has an ongoing commitment to sustainability and strives to solve issues collaboratively with those people close to the source and context of the concern to ensure environmental sustainability occurs in an economically, socially and culturally appropriate manner. Four key ways in which SWNRM are creating positive changes in our environment are:

  • Sharing knowledge: We share knowledge in a two-way process, we share what we know with the community and the community shares their local knowledge with us,
  • Target planning: We target planning within the region to address the areas of most concern within each catchment,
  • Incentives: We provide incentives to landholders and the community to help them enact changes,
  • Monitoring: We assist community members and landholders to obtain the skills necessary to enable effective monitoring to take place.

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