About the Hosts

The Australian Coastal Society

The ACS is dedicated to healthy coastal ecosystems, vibrant coastal communities and sustainable use of coastal resources.

  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the environmental, social and economic value of the Australian coast.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among people involved in the management, planning and development of the Australian coast.
  • Contribute to international, national, state and local debates on coastal issues so as to foster rational, open decision-making in order to achieve sustainable use of coastal resources and responsible stewardship of coastal assets.
  • Improve public, government and industry understanding of the value of the Australian coast for individual and social well being, the need to maintain and improve coastal ecosystems, and to ensure the use of ecologically sustainable development practices.
  • Promote the protection and conservation of sites of environmental and cultural significance on the coast and in coastal waters.
  • Facilitate increased knowledge and skills of people working and studying in coastal natural resource management, planning, development and other relevant industries along the Australian coast.
  • Serve as a link between various Australian organisations and individuals with interests in the Australian coast.
  • Support national, state and local coastal conferences.
  • Do all things necessary for and incidental to the advancement of those objects.

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Reef Catchments

Reef Catchments is a not-for-profit company which delivers natural resource management in partnership with the community to preserve the Mackay Whitsunday Isaac region for future generations.

We believe a healthy environment is the basis for a healthy region, a place where ecosystems are in good condition, the community is cohesive and the economy provides jobs and a reasonable standard of living. A healthy environment is made up of well-managed natural resources.

As such, Reef Catchments leads programs which focus on enhancing the condition of natural resources including water, land, plants, animals and micro-organisms linked to our forests, woodlands, grasslands, rivers, lakes, wetlands, coasts, estuaries and marine ecosystems.

Our programs provide a systematic process for better management of the biophysical, social, political and economic aspects of natural resources as needed for human development and growth. Our programs compliment local, regional, State and Federal community and government goals and objectives.

Our role is to facilitate on-ground change and work for long-term solutions to protect the natural resources of Mackay Whitsunday Isaac.  Our role is also to record and report to all stakeholders on natural resource condition and its improvement.

We strive for close involvement with the community, local council, State and Federal government agencies as well as the private sector. We seek to improve community knowledge of natural resource issues along with improving community capacity to deal with these issues, backed by a strong commitment to innovation and efficient service delivery.