Invited Speakers

  • Mayor Fred Gela

    Mayor Fred Gela
    Torres Strait Island Regional Council

    Mayor Gela's strong vision for the region is founded in his deep commitment for his people.

    Serving his third term Mayor Gela is committed to improving essential services, ensuring Council’s sustainability, rehabilitation of failing infrastructure and develop economic opportunities and has a strong vision for greater autonomy through Regional Governance Reform.

    Mayor Gela believes the 21st century is the time of innovation, where we must embrace new ideas and forge new partnerships, whilst maintaining faith with the communities we serve.

    Mayor Gela is a returning member of the LGAQ Policy Executive and is the Deputy Chair of the newly established Community Enterprise Queensland Board.

  • Mr Allen Grundy

    Mr Allen Grundy
    Chair, Tourism Whitsundays

    Allen Grundy has lived in Airlie Beach for 17 years and been a partner in Southern Cross Sailing Adventures since 1999.  In 2008, developing the Explore Whitsundays brand as a marketing co-operative to facilitate sailing companies working together to share costs.  His major strength lies in marketing and the development of contracts and new business working with international product managers and attending major events such as the Australian Tourism Exchange.  Allen also have a keen interest in the management and protection of the Marine Park and sees this as a priority issue for the future prosperity of our tourism community.


  • Andy Hornbuckle

    Andy Hornbuckle
    Team Leader Asia Pacific - Water Quality, Spel Environmental

    Andy Hornbuckle has been associated with SPEL Environmental since 2008, and his mission is to engender and maintain a culture of ingenuity within the industry and SPEL that continuously contributes to improving the worlds water and wastewater quality and compliance standards. Andy is deeply passionate about the stormwater industry, investing extensively into strategy planning, research, and funding of water quality improvement technology and water sensitive urban design measures.  The SPEL R&D team in conjunction with multiple academic research partners has initiated a series of field research and evaluation projects on SPEL products including, but not limited to, Floating Wetlands with a goal of benefiting the industry and gathering environmental scientific data that is rigorous, transparent and independent.  Andy is an Adjunct Research Fellow to the University of Sunshine Coast and their Storm Water Research Group where at any given time there is approximately 10 or more flow weighted stormwater research projects running.


  • Brian Stockwell

    Brian Stockwell
    Councillor, Noosa Council

    Brian has been involved in environmental planning and natural resource management in various state and local government roles since the 80s. In his 20s he was first elected to Noosa Council where he was a founding member of Noosa Landcare and was honoured to receive on behalf of Council the inaugural state and national Landcare Awards in Local Government. He has held roles as a catchment coordinator, principal planning and policy officer, catchment ecologist and regional director where he led plans and projects such as the Mary River Rehabilitation Plan, Reef Plan Extension & Education Strategy and SEQ Healthy Country FarmFLOW. In 2016 he was elected back into the Noosa Council and now Brian spends his spare time as a sessional lecturer in Environmental Geography, Sustainability and Regional Planning and the odd consultancy in his business Watershed Australia.

  • Bruce Gunn

    Bruce Gunn
    Regional Director, Queensland, Bureau of Meteorology

    Bruce Gunn is the Regional Director, Queensland of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Cassidy Hayward

    Cassidy Hayward
    Coastal Projects Officer, Reef Catchments

    Cass is a recent graduate of the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Environmental Management (Hons). She is now a Coastal Projects Officer within the local NRM Group, Reef Catchments, and is involved in the protection and management of natural coastal assets.

  • Charlie Morgan

    Charlie Morgan
    Executive Officer, Mackay Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership

    Charlie Morgan is the Executive Officer of the Mackay-Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership. The Partnership is a collaboration of 22 representatives of the industrial, agricultural, community, Government, tourism and NRM sectors who have come together to produce an annual waterway health report card, specific to the Mackay-Whitsunday region. Charlie has worked in North Queensland in the environmental sector for the last 8 years and holds a Masters of Applied Science in Protected Area Management (specialising in the GBRMP) and a Bachelor (Hons) in Environmental Science. She is passionate about connecting the dots between policy and decision-making, robust science and effective communication.

  • Christopher Scraggs

    Christopher Scraggs
    Senior Coastal Engineer, Cardno (NSW/ACT) Pty Ltd

    Chris has major coastal and port experience throughout Australia and in parts of the Middle-East, notably in Oman, where he was responsible for design investigations and major breakwater design tasks for fishing harbours.  Other sites include small reef-shelf harbours in the pacific region where complex wave propagation, set-up and reef shelf currents affect port operations and design.

  • Craig Davenport

    Craig Davenport
    Agricultural Innovations Coordinator, Catchment Solutions

    Craig has extensive experience in the field of environmental data collection for automated compliance monitoring. Craig started in Sydney in 1992 monitoring urban catchments and completed his MSc (Hons) based in a pristine catchment. 1996 saw a move to Central Queensland working with mining and industrial sites to design, installation and operation environmental compliance solutions for water, dust & noise through real-time environmental data collection. In 2015 Craig joined Catchment Solutions where he is the coordinator of Project Catalyst delivering water quality improvements for the Great Barrier Reef by working with innovative cane farmers to validate farm management practice changes.

  • Daniel Rodger

    Daniel Rodger
    Director, Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP)

    Dan is a Director at JBP for Coastal, Marine and Flood Risk Management, and a chartered civil and marine engineer (RPEQ, IEAust, ICE, IMarEST). He has 11 years’ international experience in engineering, modelling and extremes science, working throughout Australia, the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales), the Republic of Ireland, France (La Reunion Islands), Vietnam (the Mekong Delta) and India. His focus is the integration of innovation and technology within extreme weather management.

  • Danielle Asson

    Danielle Asson
    PhD Candidate, James Cook University

    Danielle is a PhD candidate at James Cook University. She earned a BS in Marine Biology and a BA in International Studies from Oregon State University in 2011, and an MS in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University in 2013. Her current research involves exploring different aspects of statistical ecological modeling and classification, and its use in regional-scale biodiversity conservation and management, using the Great Barrier Reef as a case study.

  • Darrell Strauss

    Darrell Strauss
    Research Manager, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

    Dr Darrell Strauss completed his BSc (MetOc) at the Flinders University of South Australia in 1993 and his PhD at the Griffith University in 2009. Dr Strauss is currently Research Manager at the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management and focusses on coastal resilience, coastal hazards and extreme events. Dr Strauss currently leads a 3-year Advance Queensland Research Fellowship project on the effectiveness of nearshore beach nourishment with support from the Queensland Government, City of Gold Coast and Griffith University. 

  • Darren Stephenson

    Darren Stephenson
    Survey Party Chief, Fugro

    I am a FIG/IHO Cat A qualified Hydrographic surveyor and certified as a Level 1 Hydrographic Surveyor (CPHS1) with 23 years of experience various areas of Hydrographic surveys for Nautical Charting, coastal zone management and in support of the offshore oil and gas industry. Currently working as the Operations Manager and a Surveyor in Charge for Fugro LADS Corporation managing survey data collection in the field as well as data processing and reporting in the office.

  • David Rissik

    David Rissik
    Deputy Director (General Manager), National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Griffith University

    Dave is Deputy Director of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, and a Board Director of GreenCross Australia.  He has an interest in coastal management, adaptation planning and implementation, and a research interest in coastal socio-ecological systems. He has worked in the university, government and private sectors, predominantly focussing on areas where research supports management and policy. He is a past President of the Society of Wetland Scientists Australasian Chapter, and a Council member of the Australian Marine Sciences Association. 

  • David van Senden - Profile Image Coming Soon

    David van Senden

    David van Senden
    Senior Principal - Waterways and Coastal, Cardno

    Over the past 25 years David has led and managed a range of investigations in the coastal zone for Local Government clients around Australia. He continues to survive the last decade’s ever changing Climate Change policy shifts and backflips on sea level rise. David has undertaken breakwater design studies, sea level rise setback and inundation assessments and developed coastal and estuarine management plans, more recently including adaptation options planning for a range of councils. He has directed coastal vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation planning projects under the Queensland, Western Australian and NSW State governments guidelines.

  • Debbie Chamberlain

    Debbie Chamberlain
    PhD Candidate, University of Queensland

    I am a PhD candidate in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at The University of Queensland. My research involves creating new knowledge that is important to the cost-effective management of coastal marine systems. The study promises to address gaps in the current understanding of spatial networks encompassing the land/sea interface. The project will add greater transparency, ecological reality and social acceptance to the spatial planning process and change the way communities perceive conservation decisions and actions for the coastal region.

  • Donna-Marie Audas

    Donna-Marie Audas
    Manager Coastal Ecosystems, GBRMPA

    Donna is the Manager of Coastal Ecosystems and has a Msc in Coastal Management. Donna has worked extensively in tropical environments and has been working closely with (and as part of) the Queensland Wetlands Program for over ten years.

  • Donovan Burton

    Donovan Burton
    Climate Adaptation Specialist, Climate Planning

    Donovan is a climate change adaptation planner with a diverse portfolio of experience, having completed more than 130 climate change risk and adaptation projects. He focused on influencing change through disruptive technology, big data, the internet of things, combined with a splash of economic rationalization. Over the past decade years he has helped numerous organizations identify risks and opportunities associated with climate change. His sector experience in this space includes insurance, property development, infrastructure (including roads, rail, ports, tunnels), information communication technology, United Nations, national governments, state governments, local governments, NGOs and research organizations. Much of his current focus and research surrounds the interface between climate change and the Internet of things (IoT), historical and predictive big data analytics to better understand the barriers and enablers to change. His work utilizes applied and empirical research to support climate change policy and informed decision-making.

  • Elisa Zavadil

    Elisa Zavadil
    Principal Coastal Geomorphologist, Alluvium

    Elisa is a coastal and fluvial geomorphologist, with an engineering and science background spanning 15 years of consulting and research. Elisa specalises in the assessment and interpretation of landscape processes to inform strategic management and adaptation planning in the coastal zone.

  • Gaelle Faivre

    Gaelle Faivre
    Research Fellow/Coastal Engineer, Griffith University

    Gaelle Faivre is a Research Fellow at Griffith Centre for Coastal Management - Griffith University, Gold Coast. Gaelle graduated from the Engineering School of Mathematics and Modelling (MATMECA), Bordeaux. She also received a Research Master at the University of Bordeaux and a Post-advanced Master in Hydraulics at ENSEEIHT, Toulouse. She has experience in coastal engineering and flood modelling using a range of models such as DELFT3D, XBeach, Mike, TUFLOW FV, TUFLOW, HYCOM, SWAN, HEC-RAS and HEC HMS. Her research interests include impacts of extreme events on coastal environments, sediment transport, climate change, coastal adaptation and water quality.

  • Gajaba Panditha

    Gajaba Panditha
    Chartered Civil Engineer (MIESL), Koppens Developments Pty Ltd

    Gajaba is a Chartered Civil Engineer (MIESL) with over 25 years’ experience working on planning, design, construction, and management of Civil and Marine Infrastructure projects. Gajaba has knowledge and expertise in project control, resource allocation, and quality systems.  He is highly skilled at managing technical and construction staff and has worked on large national and international remote projects including working as the Chief Engineer for US$1.4B Port City Project, Sri Lanka.  

  • Greg Fisk

    Greg Fisk
    Market Lead (Environment), BMT WBM

    Greg is the Market Lead for environment studies at marine science consultancy BMT, based in Brisbane.  With over 20 years of public and private sector experience in Australia, the US and the UK, Greg has a keen interest in all matters within and neighbouring the foreshore.  Some of his current projects include involvement in State Government reforms to the management of the marine estate in New South Wales and coastal hazard adaptation strategies being developed by local governments across Queensland.       

  • Greg Stuart

    Greg Stuart
    National Manager Land & Maritime Transport, Bureau of Meteorology

    Greg Stuart is the National Manager for Land & Maritime Transport at the Bureau of Meteorology, the Treasurer of the Australian Coastal Society and the Chair of the 2017 Queensland Coastal Conference Organising Committee. He is an experienced coastal engineer and manager with a strong interest in providing robust and reliable information to support decision making in the coastal zone.

  • Guilherme Vieira da Silva

    Guilherme Vieira da Silva
    Research Fellow, Griffith University

    Dr Guilherme Vieira da Silva is a Research Fellow at Griffith Centre for Coastal Management - Griffith University. Has experience in planning, collecting, processing and interpreting oceanographic and meteorological data, programming (MATLAB), implementation/calibration of several numerical models such as Delft3D, Bouss2D, SMC, IH2VOF, OSIS. His research interests include impacts of extreme events on coastal environments, sediment transport, headland sand bypassing, beach morphodynamics and inlet stability.

  • Jacquie Sheils

    Jacquie Sheils
    Volunteer Coordinator, Whitsunday Seagrass Volunteers

    Professional qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Genetics/ Plant Biotechnology, 1993) University of Melbourne, Vic. Master of Applied Science (Marine Biology, Research 2004) James Cook University Qld. PADI Divemaster Volunteer activities: Whitsunday Seagrass Volunteers volunteer co-ordinator since 2009, volunteer since 1999 Eco Barge Clean Seas volunteer since inception & committee member Volunteer with Whitsunday Catchment Landcare Participant in GBRMPA Eye on the Reef & Sightings Network 2007 to present Member of OUCH Volunteers 1997-present: underwater surveys & maintenance for mooring & marker buoy programs & QDPI Seagrass Watch sub-tidal monitoring Member of Whitsunday Volunteer Association 1995-2001: seabird, whale & turtle monitoring.

  • Jan Tilden

    Jan Tilden
    Environmental Scientist, Queensland Government

    As a member of the wetland science team at the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Jan is involved in developing the Great Barrier Reef catchments wetland monitoring program. She has taken a lead role in monitoring and analysis design and also assisted with the development of a rapid assessment instrument for monitoring freshwater wetlands under the Paddock to Reef Program. When not exercised with matters statistical, Jan enjoys synthesising science across disciplines and making it useful to a range of audiences … or walking in the bush.

  • Jemma Purandare - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Jemma Purandare

    Jemma Purandare
    PhD Candidate, Griffith University

    Jemma is an environmental scientist specialised in coastal sedimentology, soil science, and catchment restoration and rehabilitation. With 12 years of industry experience, Jemma is currently undertaking doctorate research investigating the management implications of long term impacts of sediment bypassing at tidal entrances, with specific focus on the Gold Coast. Jemma has spent the majority of her career working on the restoration of grossly disturbed landscapes, particularly those impacted by chemical and physical changes as a result of construction and the heavy industries, and has developed specific specialties in the management of sediments within disturbed catchments.

  • John Gunn - Profile Image Coming Soon

    John Gunn

    John Gunn
    Executive Manager, Earth Environmental

    John is a multi-skilled environmental planner and natural resource manager with the ability to view the whole system as a conglomerate of specific and interrelated environmental issues. John’s early work experience was in Central and North Queensland in the mining and exploration industry before converting to the environmental management field and community based natural resource management as a Landcare coordinator. In 2001 John established Earth Environmental, a ‘boutique’ environmental management and sustainable solutions consultancy. John works with all sectors and has a particular interest in increasing the capacity of local government to manage natural resources.

  • John Thorogood

    John Thorogood
    Senior Principal Ecologist, FRC Environmental

    John is one of the industry’s most highly respected coastal and riverine ecologists, with expertise spanning aquatic environmental assessment, monitoring and management. However, it’s John’s ability to leverage his scientific understanding through insightful analysis and strategic thinking that has made him a sought-after project lead, effective negotiator and trusted advisor. John’s hallmark is the identification of key issues and the delivery of practical advice based on a sound appreciation of the project’s overall objectives and constraints.

  • Konrad Beinssen

    Konrad Beinssen
    Fisheries Scientist and Marine Park Manager

    Konrad Beinssen is a Fisheries Scientist and Marine Park Manager who has recently applied his scientific training to erosion processes and related legal issues at Amity Point, Queensland.

  • Kylie Drysdale

    Kylie Drysdale
    Manager Strategic Planning, Whitsunday Regional Council

    With experience in law, Kylie joined the WRC’s Planning team in 2015. With extensive local knowledge and experience in project management and delivery, much of her work in the Planning Team involves scoping and defining deliverables and ensuring timely delivery of key studies to better inform planning decision making in the Whitsunday Regional Council local area.

  • Laura Dunstan

    Laura Dunstan
    Program Coordinator - Waterways, Wetlands and Coasts, NQ Dry Tropics

    Laura coordinates the Waterways, Wetlands and Coasts Program at NQ Dry Tropics, the natural resource management body for the Burdekin Dry Tropics region. Laura has a Bachelor of Science (Major in Marine Biology), a Master of Education for Sustainability and 10 years of experience working at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and NQ Dry Tropics. Laura is passionate about working with the community to improve the function of coastal ecosystems for a healthier Great Barrier Reef.

  • Leo Peach

    Leo Peach
    Senior Technical Officer, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation

    Prior to moving to Australia in 2016 Leo worked for the UK Government in coastal science and engineering. Since then after a brief period at the Bureau of Meteorology Leo has been working for the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation's Coastal Impacts Unit. Leo's roles at the Coastal Impacts Unit include upgrading systems for the MKIV Directional Wave Rider Buoy, surveying for Storm Tide Gauge installations and supporting Physical modelling activities.

  • Libby Edge

    Libby Edge
    Founding Chair, Eco Barge Clean Seas

    Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. is a not-for-profit environmental organisation established in July 2009 in Airlie Beach, the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, to engage the community to protect the marine life and the aquatic environment of the Whitsunday region by: 1. Removing marine debris to reduce its impacts 2. Reducing land-based litter and littering behaviour to prevent the occurrence of local marine debris 3. Providing care for sick and injured marine turtles Eco Barge works with volunteers, local community groups and schools to educate and create stewardship, enabling individuals to be proactive in addressing the issues of marine debris within the region. This creates a lasting change in the community’s awareness of this issue. Since 2009, Eco Barge; • removed over 150,000 kilograms of marine debris from the Whitsunday region • removed over 23,860 kilograms of marine debris from the Mackay region • conducted 229 marine debris removal trips • cared for over 58 marine turtles • have had close to 5000 volunteers involved in its projects and programs • counted and sorted 639,191 individual pieces of marine debris and provided this data to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

  • Lindsay Hunt

    Lindsay Hunt
    Principal Consultant and Phytoplankton Specialist, Jarvis Hunt Consultancy

    After 15 years' with Queensland Health, performing high quality analytical, research, and advisory services, specialising in harmful algae, founding Jarvis Hunt Consultancy in 2013 was a natural progression.  Phycology is a specialised and underserviced science, and JHC offers high quality analytical, research, contractor and consulting services in this, and associated analyses.  JHC is also one of few providers of training in phycology.  Ensuring data is robust, quality assured, fit for purpose, and providing support to ensure our clients meet their obligations.

  • Luke Galea

    Luke Galea
    Supervisor Waterways Team, Mackay Regional Council

    Luke Galea has been employed with Mackay Regional Council for approximately 6 years and is the Supervisor of the Waterways Team. This team sits within the Parks, Environment and Sustainability section of council. Lukes team works with all things waterway related from construction and maintenance of fishways, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) management, erosion and sediment control, building regional wetlands and even riparian revegetation and weed management projects. Today, Luke will be speaking about Councils Voluntary Mechanism for Stormwater Quality Management.

  • Maggie Muurmans - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Maggie Muurmans

    Maggie Muurmans
    Coastal Community Engagement Program Coordinator, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

    Maggie Muurmans currently works at the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management where she cooridinates the coastal community engagement program for the City of Gold Coast. This program promotes community involvement and interaction through environmental education, dune regeneration and citizen science. Maggie has over 20 years experience in community engagement projects in 4 continents and 8 countries.

  • Magnus Wettle

    Magnus Wettle
    Managing Director, EOMAP Australia

    Having previously worked for CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, and the University of Queensland, Magnus now leads EOMAP Australia. Headquartered in Germany, EOMAP is the worldwide industry leader in optical, aquatic remote sensing.

  • Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes
    Senior Coastal Engineer, BMT WBM

    Matt is a senior coastal engineer at BMT WBM. His role primarily involves assessing coastal processes and assisting local government clients with related coastal management plans. He has contributed to numerous shoreline erosion management plans, tidal works approvals studies, coastal hazard studies and port expansion Environmental Impact Statements throughout Queensland. Prior to joining BMT WBM Matt completed a PhD at the University of Queensland Civil Engineering Department on the topic of beach sediment transport. This work received a Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence and contributed to multiple publications in peer reviewed international journals.

  • Matthew Moore

    Matthew Moore
    Senior Fisheries Biologist, Catchment Solutions

    Matt Moore is a fisheries biologist with a focus on the restoration of aquatic ecosystems, specialising in fishway design, construction and in-stream habitat rehabilitation. He also leads the design and construction of Treatment Train wetlands has undertaken several major fish barrier prioritisation projects in the Mekong Basin and through-out South-east, Central and Northern Queensland. Matt has worked for more than a decade across Australia and internationally, managing the construction of fishways from start to finish and undertaking comprehensive fish community monitoring programs and developing fish barrier and fish community health metrics. Formally with Fisheries QLD, Matt now works for environmental consultants; Catchment Solutions.

  • Michael Coleman

    Michael Coleman
    General Manager Revegetation, Greenfleet

    Michael has over 25 years' experience in natural resource management. As a professional forester, he worked in Canada, Ireland, CSIRO, Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory and Natural Resources Conservation League. He was Parks Manager at Bayside City Council in suburban Melbourne. After spending 2 years as a Financial Planner advising clients on agricultural investments post-GFC, he entered the not-for-profit sector at Conservation Volunteers Australia. He now manages the forestry program for Greenfleet in Australia & New Zealand. Michael lives with his family in Sandringham, where he answers the siren call of the sea.

  • Mike Ronan - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Mike Ronan

    Mike Ronan
    Manager, Wetlands unit, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland Government

    Mike Ronan heads the Wetlands team, also chairing the intergovernmental Queensland Wetland Program and managing 'WetlandInfo' website, the Queensland government's first-stop shop for information about wetlands and their management.. Originally a marine biologist, Mike has led a whole-of-landscape  approach to wetlands classification, mapping, processes and management that now incorporates estuarine and marine seascapes.

  • Monica Regan - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Monica Regan

    Monica Regan
    Environment Officer, Whitsunday Regional Council

    Monica Regan has worked for the past 5 years as the Environment Officer for Whitsunday Regional Council. Her role encompasses a diverse range of environment and climate change projects throughout the Whitsunday region, most recently assisting with the development of Council's Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy and Policy. Monica is enthused by the pivotal role local government plays within the climate change arena in creating sustainable, resilient communities and supporting adaptation and mitigation strategies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • Naomi Edwards - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Naomi Edwards

    Naomi Edwards
    Phd Student, Griffith University

    Naomi Edwards is a disrupter of institutions. Her honest opinions have inspired thought provoking conversations on how to rethink the practice of coastal and natural resource management. Having found herself being deeply caught inside the web of decision-making circles and institutional networks responsible for coastal, waterway and natural resource management, it’s of no surprise that she finds herself currently researching a Phd on the culture, conflict and consensus of coastal professionals in Australia at Griffith University. She is a leader for sustainability fellow from the United Nations University, and in 2016 was awarded as a National Young Landcare champion and ambassador for her commitment to social and environmental justice.

  • Nick Harvey

    Nick Harvey
    Emeritus Professor, University of Adelaide

    Nick is Emeritus Professor at the University of Adelaide and Vice-President of the Australian Coastal Society. He was formerly Director of the Centre for Coastal Research and a member of the South Australian Government’s Coast Protection Board. Nick was a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report of, which was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Nick has 40 years experience in coastal research, over 200 publications including scientific papers and books such as Coastal Management in Australia (Harvey & Caton, 2003, OUP); Global Change and Integrated Coastal Management: The Asia-Pacific Region (Harvey, 2006, Springer).

  • Pamela Wong

    Pamela Wong
    Graduate Engineer, Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP)

    Pamela graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering and completed a semester of exchange in Denmark with DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet). Working with JBP she undertakes detailed wave and coastal modelling to support the design of new coastal structures, including breakwaters, revetments, seawalls and beach nourishment projects.

  • Paul Donatiu

    Paul Donatiu
    Southern Area Manager, Healthy Land and Water

    Paul Donatiu is HLW’s Southern Area Manager and covers the Gold Coast region. Paul has a study background in architecture, psychology and environmental management, and has worked for Greening Australia, WWF, Griffith University and the Queensland National Parks Association. Paul has an intense interest in how threatened species may or may not adapt to the project impacts of a changing climate, and is currently working with DEHP and JCU to develop projections for a range of rare plants and animals. A couple of years ago, Paul completed a fellowship overseas that examined how five national agencies in Europe, USA and South Africa were dealing with climate impacts on their protected areas.

  • Paul Groves

    Paul Groves
    Project Manager, GBRMPA

    Paul Groves is a Marine Scientist and Project Manager - Coastal Ecosystems at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in Townsville. Paul has experience in temperate and tropical ecosystems, and for the last 9 years has been working on linking catchment and Reef, recognising that the two effectively form the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem. Much of his time has been spent working to understand the connections between the catchment, ecological processes and the ecosystem services provided to people and the Reef. Paul has been promoting a 'whole of systems understanding' to stakeholders in order to drive systems repair projects that are sustainable for the long term.

  • Paul McCartney

    Paul McCartney
    Chief Originations and Transactions Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corp

    As joint Chief Originations and Transactions Officer, Mr McCartney is responsible for the origination and contractual documentation of new investments for the CEFC. Mr McCartney has more than 25 years of business experience working across clean energy, commercial property, funds management and IT services. Mr McCartney's experience includes M&A, in addition to CFO roles for listed and unlisted companies. Mr McCartney joined the CEFC in 2013, having previously worked at Low Carbon Australia. Mr McCartney is a Certified Practising Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from RMIT University.

  • Paul O'Brien

    Paul O'Brien
    Senior Principal Engineer, Water Technology

    Paul O’Brien is a Senior Principal Coastal Engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in the planning, design and supervision of coastal engineering projects throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific Region.

  • Paul Prenzler

    Paul Prenzler
    Principal Coastal Engineer, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

    Paul is a Principal Coastal Engineer with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and has more than 20 years of experience completed with local and State government agencies and engineering consultancies.

    He has undertaken numerous coastal processes investigations, coastal hazard risk assessments, coastal structure design, flooding and stormwater investigations, and data collection.  His current role with EHP is related with the assessment of coastal development proposals against the State Planning Policy and the State Development Assessment Provisions.

  • Rebecca Britton

    Rebecca Britton
    Principal Strategic Planner, Noosa Council

    With a planning degree and a Masters in Environmental Management Rebecca drives the environment and sustainability elements of Noosa's Planning Scheme. With a strong track record in environmental protection through astute planning in Noosa Rebecca has the privilege to work with a committed team both within Council and collaborators in the community.  Recently, Rebecca successfully applied for a $500 000 coastal climate change adaptation project which will address the shire's vulnerabilities and is heavily involved in the Shire's Biodiversity Plan and Environmental Strategy.

  • Richard Laugesen

    Richard Laugesen
    Senior Hydrologist, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

    Richard is technical lead for a team building the catchment forecast system within the Bureau of Meteorology. This system will generate 3 day ahead forecasts of streamflow and water quality load and concentration for catchments contributing to the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Scott Hardy

    Scott Hardy
    Manager Natural Resource Management, Whitsunday Regional Council

    Scott has worked in the field of natural resource management for 22 years most of which has been in the Whitsunday's. Scott's main areas of experience have been in soil and land use suitability mapping in the region and development assessment.

  • Selwyn Sultmann

    Selwyn Sultmann
    Principal Coastal Scientist, Department of Environemnet and Heritage Protection

    Sel is a Principal Coastal Scientist with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection He has been involved in a broad spectrum of coastal management roles in Queensland for over 30 years including with the Queensland Beach Protection Authority. This has included coastal policy, development assessment, advisory roles, research into coastal dune stabilisation and management and dune reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. He brings a detailed and practical knowledge of coastal landforms, processes and erosion management to coastal policy development in Queensland.

  • Simone De Kleermaeker

    Simone De Kleermaeker
    Expert Forecasting Systems, Deltares

    Mrs. De Kleermaeker is senior advisor in the Marine and Coastal Systems Unit of Deltares. She has over 15 years of experience with operational information systems and hydrodynamic modelling. This experience has been gained both in Marine and Coastal systems as well as Industrial systems. She has been project leader on a number of national and international projects. In addition she has excellent training skills. She has led the multiyear development of the operational early warning system for the Dutch coast, forecasting both storm surge and waves making use of data assimilation. She has since then applied this knowledge in international project, both for hydrological models as coastal applications. She shares her knowledge in generic or specialized training, including methods like interactive workshops and serious gaming. She has extended experience as teacher and trainer.

  • Stefanie Wabnik - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Stefanie Wabnik

    Stefanie Wabnik
    Senior Project Officer, Reef Catchments

    Stefanie has worked in the waterway industry for over nine years and has experience in riparian system management including planning, coordinating and delivering waterway, wetland (constructed and natural), estuarine and coastal environment improvement works. Stefanie has planned and implemented urban stormwater improvements and coastal biodiversity objectives across the region. Stefanie also facilitates the Traditional Owner Reference Group. Stefanie’s qualifications include a B. Science and a Graduate Certificate in River Health Management. Stefanie has completed further studies in Lowland Wetland Ecology, WSUD and Coastal Ecology.

  • Thomas Mortlock

    Thomas Mortlock
    Catastrophe Risk Scientist, Risk Frontiers

    Thomas is a Coastal Risk Scientist at Risk Frontiers, a Natural Hazard Research Centre based at Macquarie University. His work involves the statistical and geospatial analyses of climate-ocean data with numerical wave and flow modelling. His active research profile includes a particular interest in the impacts of climate change on extreme wave and storm surge events and coastal response.

  • Tiffany Harrington

    Tiffany Harrington
    Policy Officer, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

    Tiffany Harrington B. Science (Ecology and Conservation) Tiffany has been working in the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection since 2015 as an Environmental Officer within the Coastal and Marine Assessment Team. This role involved assessment of coastal development proposals and proposed development within wetlands in the Great Barrier Reef catchment. During this time she has developed expert knowledge in coastal resources with a particular focus on biodiversity. She is currently working as a Policy Officer within the department's Offsets Policy Team where she has utilised her knowledge and experience in environmental regulation, ecology and conservation to assist in the implementation of the Environmental Offsets Framework which was introduced in 2014.

  • Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell
    Adviser - Infrastructure Planning, Project Planning and Programming Unit, Redland City Council

    Tim has a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning & a Diploma of Project Management.  He has over 9 years’ experience working as an urban and environmental planner, in both the public and private sectors, delivering a broad range of complex strategic projects.

  • Tom Murray

    Tom Murray
    Research Fellow, Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

    Tom is an early career researcher and research fellow employed by the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management. Located on the Gold Coast campus of Griffith University, Tom is a field scientist whose main interests include: coastal geomorphology, coastal oceanography, rip current research and surf research.

  • Tonia Richard

    Tonia Richard
    Senior Advisor (Environmental Management), Department of Transport and Main Roads

    Tonia is an environmental scientist with 10 years experience working across private industry and State government within Victoria and Queensland. Tonia is currently the senior environmental advisor within the marine infrastructure group at the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads.

  • Trent Power

    Trent Power
    Aquatic Ecologist- Fisheries & Aquatic Eco Systems, Catchment Solutions

    Trent is an aquatic ecologist who has worked for more than ten years in the fisheries field, in both consulting and research capacities. Trent’s diverse expertise covers management of the design, construction and monitoring of fishways and major fish ecology projects. Trent has been heavily involved in the research and monitoring of the ecological impacts of fish stocking and pest fish biology (for example, Tilapia). Trent specialises in ecology and integrated management, ecological baseline and rehabilitation monitoring and water quality assessments, as well as aquarium-based fish physiology research. 

  • Trevor Carter

    Trevor Carter
    Principal Engineer (Coastal), Department of Transport and Main Roads

    Trevor Carter is the Principal Engineer (Coastal) in the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) where he has worked for the last 10 years. His role in the Department is to facilitate dredging projects aimed at providing navigation access for recreational boating throughout Queensland. Before moving to DTMR, he was Principal Engineer (Coastal) in the Department of Environment and Resource Management where he worked for 17 years. During this time, he was involved in the assessment of applications for works in the coastal zone including dredging.

  • Veronica Ah-Wang

    Veronica Ah-Wang
    Reef Catchments TORG (Traditional Owner Reference Group)

    I am a custodian for our Yuwi land (Yuwibara descendant). Our people are very passionate about preserving our land and sea for future generations. My brother George Tonga and I are involved with the Traditional Owner Reference Group (TORG) and we work with Reef Catchments. I am also a mentor/elder in the Mackay Murri Court system and deliver cultural awareness to Justice Groups. George and my connection to Yuwi land is through our great grandmother Molly Bargo Tonga. Our boundary goes from Midge Point to Cape Palmerston.