Donovan Burton

Climate Adaptation Specialist, Climate Planning

Donovan is a climate change adaptation planner with a diverse portfolio of experience, having completed more than 130 climate change risk and adaptation projects. He focused on influencing change through disruptive technology, big data, the internet of things, combined with a splash of economic rationalization. Over the past decade years he has helped numerous organizations identify risks and opportunities associated with climate change. His sector experience in this space includes insurance, property development, infrastructure (including roads, rail, ports, tunnels), information communication technology, United Nations, national governments, state governments, local governments, NGOs and research organizations. Much of his current focus and research surrounds the interface between climate change and the Internet of things (IoT), historical and predictive big data analytics to better understand the barriers and enablers to change. His work utilizes applied and empirical research to support climate change policy and informed decision-making.

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