Libby Edge

Founding Chair, Eco Barge Clean Seas

Eco Barge Clean Seas Inc. is a not-for-profit environmental organisation established in July 2009 in Airlie Beach, the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, to engage the community to protect the marine life and the aquatic environment of the Whitsunday region by: 1. Removing marine debris to reduce its impacts 2. Reducing land-based litter and littering behaviour to prevent the occurrence of local marine debris 3. Providing care for sick and injured marine turtles Eco Barge works with volunteers, local community groups and schools to educate and create stewardship, enabling individuals to be proactive in addressing the issues of marine debris within the region. This creates a lasting change in the community’s awareness of this issue. Since 2009, Eco Barge; • removed over 150,000 kilograms of marine debris from the Whitsunday region • removed over 23,860 kilograms of marine debris from the Mackay region • conducted 229 marine debris removal trips • cared for over 58 marine turtles • have had close to 5000 volunteers involved in its projects and programs • counted and sorted 639,191 individual pieces of marine debris and provided this data to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

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