Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

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The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) is committed to a vision of a healthy, resilient environment, and to protecting Queensland’s unique ecosystems and built heritage.

EHP’s major role as a strong environmental regulator supports the sustainable long-term economic development of Queensland. The department does this by developing and implementing policy; administering a range of environmental regulations and laws; providing timely approval authorities; and ensuring compliance with them.

Management of the coastal zone is one of EHP’s key functions, which is achieved through:

  • the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995, including identification and mapping of areas at risk from coastal hazards, management of quarry materials in tidal areas and setting trigger areas for State assessment of coastal development
  • partnership with the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning to ensure the state’s interests for the coastal environment are met through planning and development decisions.

EHP is committed to meeting the challenges posed by climate change to coastal communities through the $12M QCoast2100 program. EHP, in partnership with the Local Government Association of Queensland, supports coastal councils and their communities to plan and prepare for coastal hazards, including rising sea levels resulting from climate change.

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